Monday 11 August 2014

The Weekend

It's been a busy weekend, not much work done here on our patch of Welsh hillside but lots of fun, family and time spent outdoors.  We spent Friday evening Ten Pin Bowling and eating out in Llandudno with Jason my youngest son, and then on Saturday when he had to set off for home, we went to the Eglwysbach Show.
As to be expected in any Welsh show sheep dominated the day, and there were hundreds there being judged on their woolly merits.  Rather cruelly, in my vegetarian opinion, there was a huge van selling Lamb Burgers on the sheep field, I wonder if the sheep recognised the smell of their own kind cooking :-(
Lovely Hubby drooled over a vast array of old tractors, none of his first love the John Deere tractors in sight though very strangely but enough to keep my man happy with his big boys toys.  We made a couple of purchases, a couple of gorgeous hand thrown bowls for me and a ships porthole for Lovely Hubby, it will be the window on the door of his workshop .... once it is built.

The weather stayed lovely and warm for the day, and as we left at around 2pm the crowds were still flooding in causing traffic chaos on the narrow winding hillside lanes.  I pitied the bus driver held up in the slow moving line of traffic his timetable surely gone completely to pot!!

Sunday saw us welcoming to our home Charley's Dads, the human ones ...... they were on holiday in Wales and had made the 90 minutes drive to come and see where one of their puppies had made her home.  It was lovely to meet them both and Alwin's Mum who they were staying with on their trip to Wales.  They were delighted to see her looking so big and happy in her new home and it was lovely to talk doggy talk with such nice new friends over coffee and homemade shortbread.

Then this morning while I took Charley to the vets for her second vaccination and micro chipping, Lovely Hubby had a meeting with our architect to discuss the next phase of our plans and how they are developing.  All's well in both departments and work will begin in earnest if and when we get the planning permission.

The concrete has now been ordered for the footings of the polytunnels and will be delivered and poured next Saturday after another day of digging the final few holes ready for filling.  Bertha and her winds told us that we are doing exactly the right thing in anchoring the tunnels so securely to our little section of Welsh hillside.

So a busy, fun and productive weekend.  I hope you will forgive the lack of postings but now you know where I was.

Sue xx

As I forgot my camera (bad Blogger) the show pictures have been taken from Google Images.


  1. I promise, no rain dances next Saturday x

  2. I really do concentrate on what you have written then you go and put a puppy picture up and my brain goes to mush.......x

  3. What a fantastic idea, a ship's porthole for his shed door.

    Jean x

  4. The village also has a flower show too.... I nay come over to see the competition

  5. That puppy gets cuter by the day :)

  6. It does seem a bit thougtless to have a cooker cooking the display animals! Love the old tractors. I'm sure many are quite different from those in the States. And your puppy! So cute...

  7. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend xx

  8. It sounds like a great weekend, I hope that you are having a good week too. xx


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