Tuesday 26 August 2014

There's a Blogger in my Kitchen

Watch out, watch out there are TWO Bloggers about.
We had a lovely evening on Sunday with fellow Blogger and country girl Sarah, from the Blog The Compost Bin.   The world was put to rights over far too much wine and a plate of Butternut Squash curry, and we caught up with happenings since our last meeting just over two years ago when we met up HERE, that was a brilliant day.
After a lot of laughs, and lots of wine and chat we retired to our beds to get some shut eye before continuing the conversation over a cooked breakfast.  Sarah asked ... nay demanded, a guided tour of our place, recognising many of the features and jobs done from photos on here.  She offered advice and named some plants that I had no idea over. Then after a few cups of coffee and a check of her map she hit the road once again on her weekend tour of Wales.
Leaving in her wake these lovely gifts and happy thoughts of time spent with lovely people.
Thank you Sarah, the remains of this glorious bowl of homegrown tomatoes and peppers are roasting away in the Aga as I type, there will be a lovely bowl of soup for my lunch today, decorated with a couple of the Dried Tomatoes and quite possibly washed down with some of your lovely Apple Juice.  :-)
And if you're thinking that the lovely Sarah is looking a lot slimmer in the picture here compared to the one on the link, it's because my clever Blogging Buddy has lost almost FOUR stone in the last eight weeks on the Harcombe Diet, she has put me to shame.
Well done Sarah, I was totally impressed, you look amazing.
Sue xx


  1. It looks like the two of you are having way too much fun. Congrats on the diet process!

  2. Wonderful to meet up with blogging friends.

    Four stone in 8 weeks sounds like an awful lot of weight to lose! Wow! Well done, but be careful you don't lose it too quickly.

    1. I am very fat. And it is not uncommon to lose a lot of weight when following THD :) I feel great and am in very good health :) And as I do a lot of work at Compost Mansions I am toning up all the time, as I lose the weight :)

  3. Wow four stone! what a lovely guest x

  4. Camera in hand, it must be a blogger! I'm so glad you had a lovely time meeting up, and what great gifts too.

  5. It's lovely to meet internet friends and cement a friendship even more!
    Off to google that diet! Wow!!

  6. All the best get-togethers take place in the kitchen!

  7. Hello Sarah,nice to see you again. You look great.

  8. It was lovely to see you and LH again :) Thank you so much for your hospitality and welcome, I had a terrific time and really enjoyed my "tour" - hope you fine the egg eater soon :)
    And glad you enjoyed the produce I brought for you - next year you will have loads of your own again from the polytunnel :)

  9. "find" the egg eater! Although a fine of corn might make her stop doing it!

  10. Well worth investigating, there's not many rules ... the main one being 'just eat real food', it's the ONLY diet I would ever do.


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