Wednesday 20 August 2014

The Polytunnel's Going Up

Yesterday was an exciting day, and in between heavy rain and in at times very windy conditions we managed to get the polytunnel frame erected.

Photographing it stage by stage for posterity.
This picture shows the hoops all up and the ridge being attached to them.

And this one shows Lovely Hubby attaching the corner stabilisers.

We got our tunnel from First Tunnels, who we also used for our last polytunnel, the frame of which we will be using for the net tunnel we will be erecting next to this one.  This one, which will be covered in the traditional polythene, is the upgraded tunnel with heavier duty metal hoops, built to withstand windier conditions and more stress, and hopefully with the net tunnel sheltered behind it that too will be safe in the high winds we get here.
I cannot recommend First Tunnels highly enough, in fact I am putting a link permanently onto my sidebar as they are one of our preferred suppliers.  During some of the showers Lovely Hubby came in, and over a cup of tea and a biscuit, watched some of the brilliant tutorial videos available on their website that shows you exactly how to erect the tunnels for yourself.  Every stage of the erection is covered in easy to understand and follow clips.
With his mind refreshed on how he did it last time, the frame of the tunnel was completed in no time at all and as the heavy black clouds rolled in, the outline of the tunnel stood proudly on our hillside, changing the look of the field forever.
Sue xx


  1. Looking good. Can't wait to see it finished. Are you planning what you will be growing in it already?

  2. You must have been working very hard. Just errecting the frame gives everything a different look and puts the rest of the beds into perspective. I bet people travelling by are wondering if next year you will have lovely goodies to sell at the gate. xx

  3. A fabulous place for a party.....just sayin'!
    Jane x

  4. You really have quite a project going. Can't wait to see what all you are going to do with it.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you grow in there :)

  6. Thanks for putting the link up that's really helpful.

    Jean x

  7. Well done. It's not easy to get the frames up in windy weather. Good luck with the rest of it and looking forward on seeing what you'll grow in the tunnel. :)

    Take care!


  8. Yes, me too. So much lovely produce to come

  9. I hope you get some help with the plastic- definitely not a job for windy weather.


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