Saturday 23 August 2014

Suky the Pug .... and the Molehills

Hello, my name is Suky, I am a Pug.
Mum's put me on a diet, she says I am at least 3kg overweight, so I'm practising my camera angles, she's said once I look slim I will get more food again.

If I do this I look thin .....

.... this must be my good side. 
So much more flattering than the photos on the last post.

Mum keeps vanishing outdoors, it's something to do with all these molehills that are appearing by the hedge!
Suky xx


  1. You and me both lovely Suky, lets diet together x

  2. Are they really mole hills they look big, we have just discovered molehills this week in our second field, they never pop up were you would some nice well dug soil.
    Suky has such a pleading expression trying to melt your heart with the I am starving look :-)

    1. Noooo ... not really molehills, watch out for tomorrows post ;-)

  3. Our big dog is on a diet, no gravy bones for him.

  4. Those moles are a challenge. Our dog was a bit overweight, and our vet told us not to leave food out for her. Just feed her once in the morning, then take it away. It really worked. Now she eats her allotted food, and gets a small treat when she does her business, and we have controlled her weight.

  5. Suky, the trick is always stand next to someone who is... ahem...more generously proportioned than you!
    Jane x

  6. Me and the cat went on a diet, and we both lost some. Cat lost 2.5 kg. I lost 1 stone.

  7. Grated carrot is good at bulking up the food and making it look a lot, even the ones who would not just crunch pieces of raw carrot liked it. Treats (very few) have always been calculated as part of the total intake, so by feeding less main food + extra carrot there is always leeway for the "I'm going out now, you stay" treat and the going to bed biscuit here. I feel so sorry for the horrifically overweight pets that have been featured in the press lately.

  8. My son's Goldie developed arthritis at only four so, although she was only slightly overweight they started weighing her food instead of using the measuring cup and cut the treats completely and it worked. They were also told to feed twice a day as evening meals meant less exercise after food. She's a slim girl now and they're working hard to keep her that way. Suky has the most heart melting eyes doesn't she!

  9. I can sympathise Suky, I'm on a diet at the moment as well :(


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