Thursday, 24 July 2014

Suky's Favourite Programme

Suky's favourite television programme is on once a week at the moment.
Once a week she settles herself down in front of Alan Davies and The Dog Rescuers.  Following the work of the RSPCA and the terrible stories about the dogs they have to step in and rescue.
She watches a lot of TV this Pug of mine, preferring animal shows of any kind, and loves adverts with animals in them.  Sometimes she spots animals we have not even noticed in the background, but this show is most definitely the one she loves best.

She sits glued to it on the opposite end of the sofa to where she normally sits snuggled up against me, so that for this show she is directly opposite the television for better viewing.

She loves the little dogs that come on with the title of the show every now and then, but funnily enough doesn't react at all to the Pug.
The other week there was the story of a man that was prosecuted for deliberately mistreating a small puppy and the RSPCA had managed to film his systematic mistreatment, nay torture, of the small defenceless little puppy.  It's squeals of pain and distress brought both our dogs to sit in front of the television, obviously they heard the anguish in the poor puppy cries.  Rosy usually cannot see the television but in this case she heard it and sat with her sister while the tale unfolded.
Last nights show had me in tears and both dogs snuggled up to me, bringing comfort where it was most definitely needed. 
It's nice when television brings you together  :-)
Sue xx


  1. Our cat used to love One man and his Dog and would sit right in front of it and sometimes pat the screen with a paw trying to touch the dog as it sped after the sheep. I wonder if it was the movement and the hig pitched whistle the shepherds used that caught her attention. Our more recent two cats also enjoyed an occasional wildlife programme but none of them ever paid any attention to anything that didn't involve animals!

  2. We had a cat once that loved snooker and horse racing. During snooker he would sit ON TOP of the tele and try and bat the balls as they came towards him heading in reality for the pockets of the table, and for the horseracing he would dash to the right hand side of the tele expecting the little horses to come running out :-)

  3. I can't watch stuff like that, I'm like the Old Woman who live in a shoe but the budget version of living in a Wellie and having too many animal AND children she didn't know what to do lol.

    I did have a cat who used to chase balls on the telly, snooker balls that is ...... I love your dog stories x

  4. Our dogs love wildlife programmes. There was a programme about wolves and one of our dogs was right up at the screen trying to see off a wolf!

  5. I can't believe they actually were able to film the mistreatment of the puppy....hurts my stomach to think about it. I nearly have a heart attack if I get little Polly under my feet and she squeals like she is dying! She isn't obviously in that much pain, but just the same. Ugh. Thanks for sharing your dogs interest in the TV. Any show with a dog does capture Polly's attention as well.

  6. My Mums Yorkie goes ballistic when she sees any sort of animal on TV. It's quite funny at first but does become annoying quite quickly!

  7. My Mums Yorkie goes ballistic when she sees any sort of animal on TV. It's quite funny at first but does become annoying quite quickly!

  8. Emma watches TV but doesn't seem to favour programmes with animals. She does prick up her ears at dog noises though!

  9. I can't watch any animal cruelty stories on the tele, can't read about it in the newspapers, can't listen to it on the radio, in fact you just talking about it has upset me :o(

  10. I think her programmes need to be censured.
    By the way did she enjoy the scotties at the opening ceremony? Oops maybe wrong blog!! Teehee!


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