Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dogs, Cats and Polytunnels

Lonely little doggy ....

...not for long. 
And no I didn't tell them to go and join her :-)
The last day of the month, where has the time gone, it's been a little bit puppy dominated this past week, but fear not you gardeners out there, soon all this will change.
The final trenches for the polytunnel are being dug this weekend and the concrete will then be ordered ready for pouring next weekend.  Then suddenly we will be in action.  Adding the hoops, covering them in polythene and getting the whole thing built and filled with raised beds and a potting bench.
Exciting times ahead, but for now .....
... I can't resist putting up one more animal picture.
She'll jump in anyone's bed ... the little hussy!!
Sue xx


  1. I love the pics of the animals. Have a little rescue Jack Russell mix and would love another but am not sure she would accept another dog.

  2. Great pics Sue

  3. Seeing her beside puss makes me realise just how tiny she is! Having fun and games with our two just now - a family of sparrows fledged from next door's roof over a week ago during the really hot spell. Two of them couldn't fly and one is still struggling. To begin with, they hid in the blackcurrant bush, just inches off the ground. Too much temptation for our dogs but so far I've managed to keep them away from the baby birds. At least now the birds are becoming stronger, they are managing to hop/fly up on to the wall, then hedge then shed roof.

  4. She's a little scamp isn't she? too cute for words though.

    It's been a little cooler here so allotmenting away, it's been too hot to do much for the past couple of weeks and it does show. I've promised to get my butt into gear and get down there earlier but that never happens does it?

    I can't wait to see you new polytunnel, I will be green with envy I'm sure as mine was a tatty, cheap, second hand effort off Ebay, The tomatoes seem to like it though x

  5. It's good that she gets on well with all the animals! She even lies down like Suky!

  6. Hi Sue

    Did you ever find out what happened to Mavis?


    1. No, unfortunately we didn't.

      We scoured the fields, nearby farms, buildings and roads but nothing. We had local folk notified via Facebook and through the neighbourhood grapevine to be on the lookout, but there has never been a sighting of her. It's as though she vanished into thin air. I only hope if someone picked her up and took her home with them they are looking after her.

      She was wearing a tag with all our details and she is microchipped, so I guess there is always a chance we could hear something. Lovely Hubby though is of the opinion that a badger might have killed her, there are some around these parts or perhaps a fox, she would have been tempted into holes. :-(

    2. Ahh. That's really sad. I thought she had settled so well into your family. Fingers crossed.


  7. Looking forward to seeing the new polytunnel and what you grow

  8. You are spoiling us with these puppy pictures x I love all of them, so, so sweet. X

  9. That last photo is just so cute…what a photogenic little dog she is!


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