Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Thanks for the Thanks

It's always nice to hear the thud of post through the letterbox isn't it, but all too often you get there and there is a bill from your phone provider, a circular extolling the virtues of a Stannah stair lift, regardless of the fact you may live in a bungalow, and then there's that regular envelope telling you that 'congratulations you have been accepted for the latest 'credit repair' credit card'.  HUH!!
But every now and then something wonderful arrives, as you approach the doormat a jewel coloured envelope peers up at you.  Oooh you think ... "it's not my birthday, what's this?"
In my case in the space of a few days I received two such joyously inviting envelopes, ripping into them they were both saying "thank you".  One from Kay who won the giveaway on the Blog the other week and one from a friend of my Mum who was on a day trip with Mum and a coach load of their club members to Llandudno a few weeks ago.  I drove in to meet them and we had lunch together and as Mum wanted to plant some new plants on Dad's Bed, Barbara came home with us.
They're still on the mantlepiece bringing a little bit of happiness into my days every time I pass them.
And so a little Challenge for you all ..... who can you send something to, who's day do you want to brighten up a little.  It could be a card, a tiny gift, a poem typed out on your computer and printed off, a book you've read and loved and want to pass it on to a person you know will enjoy it as much as you.  Popped in an envelope and addressed by hand and for the price of a stamp and a short walk to the post box or even drop it into the post box next time you're at the supermarket (they nearly all have post boxes now).
  And stamps aren't that expensive .... 62p for a letter and 93p for a 'large letter' (if you pop anything in your envelope it's best to put a large letter stamp on it).  I think that is such good value, after all if I gave you 62p and said "please take this to Scotland for me" would you ;-)
A smile on a loved ones face is always worth the price of a stamp.
Go on surprise someone :-)
And finally, Kay and Barbara if you're reading this .... Thanks for the Thanks.
Sue xx


  1. Second attempt !! I had a similar conversation with my husband the other day. The excitement of the postman arriving with a letter especially if it was something special that you knew was on its way to you. Nowadays its not the same, email or text can be very nice but it hasn't the same tangible quality that a nice handwritten letter has.

  2. I'm not sure if its me or the PC, but this is my third attempt to send this comment, so I apologise if you end up with 3 comments which are the same from me. Anyway, I have family in Australia (I live in the UK) and we used to always send eachother letters in the post. But since the arrival of email, facebook etc, we hardly ever do. It's a shame, I love receiving handwritten letters in the post. So I'm going to take up Sue's challenge this weekend and send a letter to my sister in Aus. I may even include an actual printed photo or two in the envelope.

  3. Awww, I had something send through the post for the foster cats, I was so happy it made my week x

  4. Myself and the boys write to their Nan usually about every 7 to 10 days. I know how much she appreciates getting them so I know what you mean. I hardly ever get letters unfortunately it's usually bills!

  5. It's always nice to receive cheery post. Thank you cards are the best ! I see the post has arrived - a letter from my mum which I know is to say thank you for arranging a trip over here for a few days in August. She wants to come in September but I know even though we've spoken on the phone she's written too.
    Much less can be said for my nieces who seem to have lost the art of writing or telephoning & as mum does not text or email she's not heard from them.

  6. How lovely that you received these thank you cards. You are right about the cost of the stamp and taking it to Scotland, I never thought of it that way before! xx

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. Everyone complains about the cost of stamps and postage now a days but sue and yourself is right they do take them far for us for little cost (and it keeps my loving hubby in a job) :)

      I'm going to try and get better at sending personal mail. Its nice to put a smile on someones face :)

  7. Internet may be faster but, like you I find 'snail mail' so much more satisfying, especially if the envelope,packaging is brightly coloured. Yes, it does brighten up your day!

  8. I love mail, well the sort that i had today anyway, a nice padded envelope with zips in it. 52p each, they are around £2 in the haberdashery here so I ordered a few and what I saved on 2 more than paid the postage.

  9. Lovely idea Sue and I hope you don't mind me saying but if anyone is interested you can send used stamps to help raise money for hearing dogs for deaf people :)

    Afterall whats the price of cutting out used stamps off envelopes and posting a bag of them off ;)

  10. O we love getting 2 littles are home schooled and my internet friends have been sending them postcards from around the world...its amazingly nice of them..some we don't know have sent them too...its nice to have the world come to us in postcard form..we have written out Thank You cards and are going to post them all this week..also we are sending a little boy in America a birthday card..he is not well and loves getting cards..we don't know him but want to make him smile...such a small thing can really make a difference in peoples lives...
    Love the cards Sue they are just so cute...


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