Friday 18 July 2014

Sleepy Dog

I came home from the shops the other day, and before I unlocked the door I spied Suky fast asleep on the rug in the conservatory (we use this door all the time rather than the front door).  She was well away.
I managed to go into the kitchen put down my other shopping bag and get the camera off the shelf near the Aga without her moving a muscle.  The gentle Puggy snores carried on, never missing a beat.
So I took the top picture.
Then as I walked back towards the door a weary head popped up with eyes barely open and sniffed the air ....

.... finally her eyes opened properly and she sleepily stared at me.
Well all I can say is .... it must have been a very good dream !!
Sue xx


  1. Gorgeous sleepy doggy :)

  2. What a cute cuddly thing she is!

  3. Good job she's not a guard dog lol!
    Oh but, those eyes!

  4. The last picture looks like she's saying, 'what did you do that for' lovely pics.

  5. I can't imagine, since my yorkie mix dogs are such light sleepers. The older one is almost 12, so she might sleep a little deeper than the 1-year old, but I can't imagine walking past them with no reaction. Very cute face.

  6. Sensible thing to do in this heat

  7. Goodness me, my dogs bark at a bird flying over the garden! I'd live a nice quiet dog! Bless her

  8. That face, those eyes and the little velvet ears. I wish I could have one, maybe when my hip is sorted.

  9. I love her little face! Our dogs are exhausted tonight - 4 days camping and being outdoors all the time - just too much for a dog. They were good as gold while we were away apart from the rescue dog who has a tendency to chase everything that moves - there were two hens from a neighbouring farm which wander into the campsite and are very tame and not afraid of dogs. If I'd known there were hens on site, I wouldn't have booked it but we managed, despite a small tear in the mosquito door when dog and hen came nose to beak on either side of the tent door! Fortunately, I had my emergency sewing kit and stitched the tear up or we'd have been eaten alive by midges. Any midges in Wales Sue? Can't find any areas of Scotland which are midge free!

  10. To me.. All pugs look like cute little piglets

    1. A friend, whose mother and sister both had Pug companions for many years, always referred to them as "the Puglets", seemed very apt.

  11. What a cutie, love that face


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