Friday, 11 July 2014

Fighting Sisters

Here's a nice picture of some little wild flowers picked while I was walking with the dogs around our paddock the other day.  I always have my eyes open for new flowers emerging from the long grass, we've almost got a wild flower meadow in some parts.
Those are pretty a lot prettier than the story I am about to relate :-(
Rosy is really in the 'doghouse' at the moment.  Today she attacked Suky!!  They were hot and bothered after a walk round Llandudno,  we left them literally for two minutes in the truck while we went in to pay for the MOT it had just been through, then I heard Rosy barking,  I went out straight away and found Suky cowering in the corner of the rear seat and blood all over the mattress and cover they have in there.
Rosy had bitten her ear.  Nothing drastic, just a puncture wound but ears bleed profusely, Rosy knew she had gone too far and was desperately trying to lick her way back into her sisters affections.
Dogs .... sometimes they are as bad as children, and here was me thinking of getting another!!
Sue xx


  1. Oh dear! Dogs, no matter how dosile in normal circumstances, can still be unpredictable in unfamiliar surroundings or when confined together. Just be grateful there was no child in the car with them. Let`s hope the two dogs will be able to carry on living together without one being too domineering over the other. It got out of hand this time. It could get worse the next time around. Keeping each animal secure and separate in the back of the car by having some metal cages or carry cases might be something to consider for the future.

  2. Ears do bleed a lot, lets hope they settle down together again, it would be such a shame if this continued.

    1. They have already settled down, it's just a sisterly spat, this has happened a few times, this time I think mostly because they were both tired and hot after the walk and in the car that is not sprayed with Adaptil (I always keep my car topped up with this) tempers got frayed and Suky came off worse.

  3. Little tinker! Extra treats for Suky,I'd say.
    Jane x

  4. Ears do bleed a lot, our Beagle was bitten by a dog on the field and I can't believe a small puncture wound could fill the whole kitchen and make it look like a horror scene.

  5. Poor Suky! Yes dos are very much like young children, always up to some sort of mischief.

  6. Tut tut Rosy. No more watching football for you.

  7. Naughty Rosy, poor Suky. Hope Rosy isn't coming down with something as the only time mine bicker is when one of them is ill. And yep, ears can bleed a LOT!!

  8. What a scallywag. Still we all get a bit tetchy in very hot weather and they're wearing fur coats too.

    Jean x

  9. I had not heard of Adaptil. I might try the cat version (Feliway) because my cats have difficult behaviours at times!

  10. Oh dear! I hope that you have the dogs all sorted out now and that they are OK. xx


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