Friday 17 May 2013

Shopping Spree

Well not really a shopping spree, but more like an enjoyable stroll around Mr T*sco, picking up a few things we needed and/or fancied, spending a total of £8.50 of the £2 House Keeping Challenge money.   I actually bought 10 bottles of Sparkling water but I wasn't going to lug them all into the kitchen just for a photo!!
On the way back I had to call into the Post Office in the village so it seemed rude not to pop into the Charity Shop next door for a little browse.  I struck lucky ... a pair of Monsoon linen trousers for £4.49 and a Dvd that looks like it might be right up my street for £1.99.  Once watched I'll sell it at the car boot sale for £1 and get half my money back.  So that's a good deal then, a home 'movie night' for 99p, I might even rustle up a bowl of popcorn and I know for a fact there are chocolate ice lollies in the freezer to serve during the interval :-) 
These extra purchases come out of my personal spending money so I'm  not raiding the housekeeping money for treats don't panic.
Lovely Hubby is off work today as he has an eye appointment so we are off into Reading, a quick browse around the shops, a leisurely coffee and then a spot of lunch out (we have a voucher for our favourite Italian place).  After that I intend to nip into good old M&S and stock up on some fresh foods.  I have vouchers to the value of £26, they will help keep the cash in  £2 House Keeping tin just that little bit longer.  Oh and when I returned from my shopping spree at Mr T*sco I found my latest vouchers from them in the post box, so that's the rest of the month's fresh food sorted out too.
Once we've done all that we will be back home to try and bring the undergrowth that is supposed to be our garden under control.  Fingers crossed that the weather will be nice to us all this weekend.  The sun was out beautifully at 6.30 this morning and now she's vanished again, it's just not fair :-(
Sue xx


  1. Even the weather forecasts seem to be a little off lately. I'm trying to work my way through the washing, preferring to air dry if possible but no sooner get some hung out then have to dash out to bring it in!

  2. My husband was given £18 in voucher type things to spend at M&S so that will help our budget nicely too. The trouble is that it doesn't go so far in M&S as it does in the other supermarkets but it is free food so I'm not complaining : )

    On a totally different subject - have you grown asparagus? In each of the last three years I have planted three crowns but yet again, there is no sign of any growth. I'd marked the planting places but they have just vanished. I followed the instructions on the pack but I must be doing something wrong. Just wondered if you'd had any experience with asparagus and had any advice please?

    1. I have never been able to get an Asparagus bed in as we are not at our permanent home yet. You get best results by not eating it for the first 2 or 3 years I've been told, so there has been no point in starting any off as we have been moving around so much. However if we do get this new house, an Asparagus bed is the first thing that will be put in.

      If the entire root system has vanished from yours it sounds as though you have something eating it - not good :-(

      If I were you I would Google 'growing asparagus' and see what likes to eat it and how best tackle the problem to avoid this happening again.

  3. Have a great weekend Sue. Jx

  4. I like to rent movies from our Uni library, you can get a DVD for three nights for £1! I make homemade popcorn too, just as good as the cinema :)
    Best wishes.

  5. I am being very good and saving my Tesco vouchers for Christmas. I also ticked the box so they come in November each year so I'm not tempted.

    1. I save mine up until Christmas too, only trouble is that when they issue each batch (like now) they do the double points trade in, and we cannot benefit until the end of the year!!


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