Wednesday 8 May 2013

Making the Most of ......

Making the most of everything means that nothing can be allowed to go to waste.  So when we got back late on Sunday evening after a long day of property viewing and I found a very sorry for itself pot of parsley on the kitchen windowsill, (oops I had forgotten to give it enough water to ride out a day in full sunlight) I gave it a good drink.  When 24 hours later this hadn't done the trick for all the plant, although the middle section had perked up a bit, I decided to give it a 'crop'.
So yesterday all the good bits were snipped off and open frozen, then decanted into a tub in the freezer, the rest was snipped into a bowl for the chickens and then the pot of stalks was given a good watering and left in the sunshine for an hour or so.  Now it's back on the kitchen windowsill and already this morning there is signs of life in the form of tiny leaves reappearing.
So a second crop of Parsley coming up :-)
This was the main fridge last week ...

...and this is it now.
Still lots of fresh things left thank goodness, but lots more space.

Worktop before ...

... worktop after.
I simply combined the sliced Pineapple with crushed meringues and topped with some cream and a sprinkling of the flake pieces from the jar, this made us both desserts for two nights over the Bank holiday weekend.  All gone now and room for all my electrical gadgets to sit handily ready for use without entirely clogging up the worktop.

Small fridge before ...
... and small fridge after.
It's like playing spot the difference!!
I'm only showing the areas that show the most obvious difference each week at the moment,  you would barely notice the difference in the chest freezer or cupboards and I guess it will be like this for a week or so.
Off to the greenhouse now to get some more seeds in trays, I have to have fresh stuff growing all through the season with as few gaps as possible if we are to see this £2 House Keeping Challenge through.
Sue xx


  1. Do you ever sit still? I freeze herbs for cooking as I find it easier to crumble them into dishes than chopping them.

    1. I'm sitting still when I'm blogging, mind you I'm usually eating my breakfast or lunch at the same time.

      Don't worry I can be a completely lazy oink when I want to be :-)

  2. wow, your pineapple and meringue dessert sounds fabulous! Those fridges are looking very tidy, well done you. :o)

  3. We have the same fridge and slow cooker!

    1. My 'slow cooker' is in fact a Russell Hobbs rice cooker, but I guess they are very similar, almost identical in fact :-)

  4. I had a similar problem with the herbs on the windowsill, although mine was corriander. I chopped the outside edges off and used for a small batch of hummus, then left the centre to recover slightly. I now have parsley growing outside in a pot on our small compound, and am trying to find some 'cut and come again' salad leaves to grow outside. Your dessert sounds lovely, making me very hungry. When is your next car boot sale?


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