Friday 3 May 2013

Photographing the Food

Well I went all round the house, mostly in the kitchen thank goodness, just a box of crisps found lurking (as crisps do) in the spare room, photographing all the food we have in stock and it is now all logged for posterity on the 'From Full to Empty - 2013' page at the top of the Blog (or use this LINK) to get you whizzed straight there.
The only things that slipped through the net were two bananas, languishing, turning that yucky shade of mottled brown that makes me NOT want to eat them (they go too sweet for me when they're like this), so I wondered what I could do with them.  In the past I've chopped them up and used them in THIS, but I didn't have quite all the ingredients and anyway we're trying to be healthy!!  SO I remembered reading about making 'Choc Ices' from bananas and thought I'd give it a go.

Simply chop bananas in half, dip into melted chocolate (dark in my case that's all I had) and then pop into the freezer.  It worked, like a dream.  It makes the most wonderful 'choc ice' you could wish for and strangely enough the bananas don't taste that much like bananas they taste like icecream!!
Try not to be tempted to dip whole bananas into your chocolate, half is just enough as a nice pud or treat, they are very rich tasting.

Of course I didn't use up all of the chocolate, so I quickly put my thinking cap on before it set hard again and decided to chuck in some Brazil nuts to make chocolate covered Brazil Nuts, that worked too and yet there was still the bowl covered in delightfully melted chocolate.
So remembering back to the boys being little and the Rice Crispie cakes we used to make whenever we could I tipped a few spoonful of my posh Dorset Cereal in, et voila, the poshest rice crispie cakes in the world - with a Cherry on Top!!
I'm wasting NOTHING during this challenge.  So the fact that I managed to make FOUR desserts and a dishful of nibbles out of  two bananas that were past their best and a few storecupboard things is brilliant :-)
Today I want to re-organise the big chest freezer (and maybe the small one as well) and try to do an inventory so I can see just how much meat, veg etc we have in stock.  If I do I will put revised pictures after repacking on the stand alone page to keep it bang up to date.  Wish me luck, it's a frozen minefield in there!
Sue xx


  1. I make a breakfast drink out of my manky bananas. I add the bananas to prunes & porridge oats with hot water. Cook for a few minutes add a splash of milk. blend it till smooth & off i go.

  2. Yummy way to do bananas. Thanks for joining me in the 30 Day Squat Challenge, Sue. Will link you in on my blog post of today.

  3. Do the banana's go rock hard when you freeze them?

    1. No, you can actually bite into them almost straight from the freezer !!

      But if you wait just a minute or two they taste even better, I don't think you get the same flavours from anything that is icy, icy cold.

  4. Those bananas look amazing - I've made ice cream out of bananas before, so I'm going to try this too!

  5. I'm definitely going to do the banana in chocolate. My boys will go mad for them!

  6. My little ones would love the bananas! I've just finished reading your From Full to Empty Page - I love having a look through people's stores and supplies (clearly I'm just too nosy!) I look forward to seeing how you get on!


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