Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Mice

It's not funny here at the moment, virtually every day I have to try and save the life of a baby bunny.  The two cats, Archie and Ginger once formerly two single boys doing their own thing, have joined forces and become a lean, mean murdering machine.  The mistake they were making was that they brought their victims back to the house to play with.
Now Ginger is a lovely puss cat and if I go up to him while he has the poor little defenceless baby rabbit in his mouth he drops it immediately for me to see, he's always willing to share his food with Mummy, and then I can distract the cats and return little baby to the great outdoors.  But if Rosy, the Jack Russell spots the cats with 'lunch' before I do the poor creature has no chance, one flick of that Jack Russell head and it's dead, which is better I suppose than being played with and tormented to death, but not good overall for the little creature.
Yesterday while hoovering the living room I spotted a furry thing on the floor, not knowing what it was I bent down to pick it up, and luckily for me stopped at the last minute, it was a little bunny rabbit tail.  So one of my murderous trio has had a snack in the living room - yuk, yuk, and treble YUK!!
Such an innocent little face!!
Sue xx


  1. These animals just refuse to read the rule book, our cats used to catch mice (good) but bring them inside to us to see how cleaver they were - yuk! We had rabbits in our kitchen too. I am glad you have one that you can rescue the victims from - one of ours was like that too, but nobody would believe me when I told them!

  2. Ambercat hunts with our neighbours tabby - I got my favourite Robin delivered to my doorstep on New Year's day - a very tearful event. When the neighbours move on Friday she will have nobody to help her and is too lazy to do it alone so I am looking forward to no more entrails on the doorstep! You can't really stop this it's their nature but if they have catnip stuffed toys it does seem to satisfy them for a while. Betty

  3. Yes, our cat looks so angelic, but regularly brings us her trophies, usually mice or sparrows, sometimes alive, allows us to appraise them, then eats them, feathers and all; and on occasion, a live bunny, almost as big as the cat itself, which it then eats from the head down, I'm sometimes left with a couple of feet or a few entrails.

    Horrible though it may seem, it's only natural, and at least we have a mouse-free zone.

  4. I know having a cat or two would go a long way to solving my mouse problem, but no, just too squeamish!

  5. Oh dear, poor little bunny rabbit.

  6. Perfect killers. Heathcliff has a habit of disemboweling any mice he finds in the house...they are laid out just like in biology class.
    Jane x

  7. A long, long time ago when I worked as an au-pair for a family in London their cat brought in a pidgeon it had killed. It was awfull, I kept finding bits and pieces of the poor bird everywhere inside the house.

  8. Mm, it's just what cats do - perfectly natural if abhorrent to us. I thought my puss was way too old to hunt, not a thing for about two years. Then we had robins happily nesting this year, even when puss basked openly in the garden - I heard a mighty fuss going on and there was puss with the remnants of two feet sticking out of its mouth :o( It must have been the first fledgling, we were so sad. The other happily made it. I'm convinced it had landed on the ground close by...
    Rose H

  9. Ginger is a gorgeous cat, no wonder he lets you take his rabbits off him, he'd share with anyone. Has LH had a rabbit pie recently?

  10. The mouse police never sleeps (Jethro Tull song). My favourite lines:
    Savage bed foot-warmer of purest feline ancestry.
    Look out little furry folk, he's the all-night working cat;
    Eats but one in every ten, leaves the others on the mat.

  11. omg. I would have screamed

  12. Spit of my Albert
    Complete with mouse
    Cracking photo susan xxxx

  13. It's been raining a lot here lately and consequently there are a few frogs about...puss flips them over and leaves them on their back poor things. On sunny days there are small lizards about...without tails...hmm wonder who ate them...
    Glad he hasn't brought a frog or lizard in - yet that is :-). Pam xx

  14. It's a shame for the hunted. I sometimes get a gift, but not sure which cat brought it in. Think I would rather not know.


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