Monday, 27 May 2013

Computer Woes

I'm cross, I'm angry and I've had enough of trying to prove I am me.
Someone has accessed my email account and changed all my passwords, they've also somehow managed to change my security questions and my alternative email address.  So I have no way of doing anything to prove who I actaully am and at the moment my account is locked becase I tried so many times to get into it to sort this out, so I have just got to wait 24 hours before I can try and do anything else about it.
If you normally hear from me via email and you get an email today it will  not be from me.  Do not be tempted to buy any Viagra from me as it will not be me selling it.  If I do ever go into business selling viagra I can assure you all you will be the first to know :-)
Sue xx


  1. There's some sick people, what possible pleasure do they derive by messing normal people about?

  2. I had my email account hacked about a month ago, fortunately they didn't change my password or account security questions so it wasn't as bad as yours, just a pain having to change my password myself and advise everybody that the spam emails they were receiving weren't from me. It's such a bloody nuisance though isn't it Sue. The internet is a huge boon AND a massive pain!! Hope you get it sorted tomorrow - can your ISP do anything to help with your email account?

    Oh, and thanks for your FB good wishes on our anniversary!

    Sooze xx

  3. Oh poor you. I had the same a few years ago and apparently offered cheap Viagra to all sorts of inappropriate people. Luckily no-one took me up on it. I hope it all gets sorted asap. x

  4. How horrible for you Sue :( I hope you can get it sorted out soon xx

  5. Thats annoying! At least they havent got your card details or anything to get any money, but it is an invasion of privacy.
    On a lighter note (and to try to cheer you up) Your mention of viagra does remind me of when I was working on a site about 8 years ago when this old boy, Chris, came up and gave Andy (my work mate) a blue pill to try. The next day Andy came in and said - "That pill didn't work, I didn't notice anything different last night!" chris replied "Maybe, but I can guarantee you haven't got worms now..."
    I won't put the rest of the conversation, but he did show us the packet of dog worming tablets he got the pill from...

  6. Oh Sue that's awful but the mention of Viagra did make me smile - perhaps a small business for you sent all wrapped up in lavender & a packet of eggs included !

    A few years ago I had an " SOS " email from someone from T'ai Chi saying they were kidnapped at gunpoint in Nigeria & needed money.

    I rang the Police to report the hacking though as the woman does travel quite a bit I checked that she wasn't in fact in Nigeria !

    Hope you are restored soon & no one takes offence at your offer ( I shall check my emails ! )

  7. How awful, hope you get it sorted soon.


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