Thursday 30 May 2013

Gone .... All Gone

My greenhouse is gone ..... all gone.
Our landlord turned up as arranged with his handyman to remove the old shed, (the one with the lovely original 1940's wallpaper on the inside) so that he could begin to make plans for his decking area which is to be adjacent to the oak framed garage, what he didn't tell us was that things were more imminent that first implied and that the greenhouse was going too.
I was surprised at how sad this made me, but I guess it was my space and I don't have any other that is truly all mine.  Yes it was draughty, it was rickety, the slugs and snails all found their way in to party like they do in the wee small hours, but I had spent many happy hours with the radio on, with one or two doggies sat in the doorway guarding me while I planted all the little seeds of goodness that turn into our food for the year ahead in there.
Oh well, hopefully by this time next year I will once again be the queen of my own polytunnel, now that will make me smile  :-)
In the meantime the contents have now been sorted and are sat around the place, seedlings in the utility room on a bench, all the big tomato plants in the sunniest spot I could find for them and all the pots and miscellanea in and around the Man Shed ..... yes, I've managed to claim a section of the Man Shed, I shall have to be on my best behaviour then :-)
Sue xx


  1. Oh no ! I can well imagine it makes you sad to lose the greenhouse
    I lost mine to high winds in January and sat and cried for ages ! Like you it was my space and i still havent replaced it :-(
    At least you have found space for everything and even claimed shed space - wow!

  2. Difficult when you are living in a place you call home to have changes made. Enjoy the Man Shed !

  3. Oh Sue, that is sad.
    Thank goodness it is getting warmer, the plants and seedlings will have a better chance outside.
    Here's to the polytunnel of the future!

  4. Oh dear the joys of renting, hopefully it wont be long til you have a place of your own

  5. Oh Sue how awful for you & congratulations on claiming part of the Man shed. I think I would be too scared to claim part of Mike shed.

  6. That is so sad and a bit of a shock by the sounds of it. Good for you, adapting so quickly and relocating your plants. I'm not sure I'd even step foot in Mr Sft's man shed :)

    Sft x

  7. Oh Sue, I would be fed up indeed! When I came round I had a serious greenhouse envy :) I too would love my own place to potter in peace and quiet! The weather is hopefully going to get warmer and then there will be less risk of you losing things. Fingers crossed. Hopefully all is well on the purchase of your lovely new home in the country. Hope to see you when I get back from France, it will be my turn to make a cuppa. Lots of love Karan xxx

  8. Oh - that is so sad :-( I would be honestly bereft if I lost my polytunnel - it was bad enough when I lost the cover in autumn and had to wait until April to re cover it - and that was a long time ago and I didn't use it as much, then.

    Well done for finding space for all the seedlings - I think our house would be full to overflowing if I had to!

    Fingers crossed you will soon be in YOUR place and you can have Man sheds and Woman sheds and as many polytunnels as you want :-)

  9. I admire your positive attitude with it all. Finally got my tomatoes planted out yesterday, still have to start on the veggie patch, weather all over the place here in Canada, had snow flurries last week.


  10. Yikes, what a nasty surprise. Well done for taking it in your stride/:o)

  11. Congratulations on moving into the man shed x

  12. What did the landlord do with the greenhouse? The glass panels would have made great coldframes. Glad you were able to find spots for all your seedling. Hopefully you'll be settled in your own place next year.

    1. He has stored all the glass 'somewhere' I did not see where, he wants to use them again eventually and the frame is stood forlornly next to his office, mocking me whenever I go into the Veggie Patch.

  13. I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been so sanguine, but well done for keeping your cool - another experience to add to the book...


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