Wednesday 10 February 2010

Expanding the Empire

Can you spot the difference in the header shot and this picture. Yes, that's right we are expanding our little chicken empire. Last week our second Henhouse was delivered and on Saturday, (in the rain, just like last time) we assembled the new house.
We have bought both houses from Flyte So Fancy who offer a brilliant service, and such a well thought out design. It took the two of us just under an hour to unpack, read the instructions and assemble the house and now it is rock solid and just waiting to be filled.
The chickens meanwhile, are busy each and every day rooting through the manure in the new raised beds, determined not to miss anything tasty that could be found before we fill them in with topsoil.
Luckily a friend is currently taking top soil off a customers garden ready for a garden makeover and we offered ourselves as a dumping ground for any surplus soil, not a bad swap for a curry and a couple of pints at the local hostelry, the fact that we will have to join him and his wife is no bad thing either!!
Sue xx


  1. I love the little hen houses...I want one (even though I have no hens!)

  2. Ooo yes, good swaps! Looking forward to seeing the new hens xx

  3. Of course I'm blown away by the fact that something from across the pond from YOU is going to be winging its way to me. I have sent my address in a separate email ....


  4. The hen houses are so lovely..Love the heart detail.Wishing you a happy new brood..not that I know what a group of chickens in called??!?
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  5. I have Hen envy! lol. The Hen houses are so pretty and the hens look so happy rooting around in that s*** aahhemmm Manure! Have a good weekend. xxx Pixie xxx

  6. It's looking lovely Sue!

    Good to have the reference to - not sure we'll ever get there but IF Mike can be persuaded about the chickens, it'll be a starting point for houses.

    I see you have an Eglu too. I once thought about one for my bunny(s). Crikey they're expensive though aren't they!

    Thank you so so so so so so much for my lavender goodies. They arrived on Tuesday and I waited until today to open them when I could take a bit of time and enjoy it (the last couple of days have been horribly busy). So lovely. I will write a proper post about them. Thank you so much. The little cotton heart is in front of me now. Perched on my desk lamp.

    Lots of love


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