Friday 26 February 2010

It's a Dogs' Dinner......

Recently whilst browsing through Blogland, I came upon this recipe for Homemade Dog Food. It's brilliant, I've been making it for a couple of weeks now and both dogs love it. So I thought I would share it. It's tasty (Lovely Hubby will vouch for that, he thought I had made a giant pan of stew and had a taste!) and easy and cheap to make.
1 Kg Beef Mince
1.5 cups of raw Rice (brown or white)
1 cup of Barley OR Lentils
1 cup raw Pasta
2 cups of chopped Veggies (any except leeks or onions)
1 spoonful of vegemite or Peanut Butter
Simply put ALL the ingredients in a VERY large pan (I use my jam pan) cover with the water, give it a good stir to break up the mince and bring it to the boil. When it has reached boiling point, turn down the heat and simmer for 45 minutes. At the end of this time top up the pot to the rim with water and leave to cool.
Once cold, put into portion sized plastic containers (fill your dogs dish with the first portion so you know how big to make them) and freeze until you need them.
I make this once a week and it feeds both dogs their evening meals. We add either a piece of brown bread to their dish with the mince or some dog biscuits. They have Bakers Dry Dogfood available during the day if they get hungry. But since eating this it has helped both dogs to become better eaters.
Rosy - a satisfied customer, on the dog sofa.
Well worth a try if your dogs are fussy eaters or you just fancy giving them a nutritious change.
I'm off now back to the polytunnel to plant my tomato seeds.
Sue xx


  1. I used to cook food for my bulldog as he had skin proplems - it was very similar to what you are making. I just used to add a bag of cheap mixed frozen veg instead of chopping up the veg.
    He had that for supper & porridge for breakfast & never had any problems with his skin again!


  2. Home made dog food... I have never thought of that before!

    Loved the idea of you singing in the polytunnel yesterday.

    I sometimes have loud music playing in the office but have to remember to hit mute before I answer the phone!


  3. Brilliant Sue! My unsuspecting hounds will be joining me on my quest for self-sufficiency!

    I'm off to sow my tomato seeds now - good innit?!

  4. What lucky dogs you have, Homemade nosh wow!

  5. I'm glad lovely hubby did a quality control. Did he wag his tail ?
    Did you ever read or see The Prince of Tides ? ...the abusive husband doesn't like the wife's new style of cooking so she quietly clears it away, opens a tin of dog food, fries some onions ..and dishes up hash which he eats with gusto. The watching childrens's faces is priceless.


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