Saturday 20 February 2010

Guest Blogger

Mum's away in the polytunnel playing with trays and toilet rolls tubes so I thought I would nip onto the computer and let you all know she's fine, back to being my normal (but slightly crazy) Mum.
Anyone who spends their time filling toilet rolls tubes with soil stuff can't be completely normal........ she should know soil is for digging in and cardboard tubes are for chasing and chewing up!!
Have a good weekend, hope you all have lots of rabbits to chase, I have!!
Rosy xx


  1. what a clever little dog you are! OHHH what a great use for toilet rolls! I have lots of seed packets at the moment this tip couldn't have come at a better time!!!

    hugs, have a bone on me!

  2. Rosy Rosy Rosy, these humans really are quite odd aren't they? I can spend hours watching Dad cutting up wood and logs and he doesn't even look like he wants to throw it and fetch it - why not? Bits of wood and sticks make the best toys. I've not tried the toilet roll tubes, they either get put in the recycling or used to make crackers at Christmas but I might try that later if I can get hold of one.
    Looks like I'm going to go and get wet in the slushy snow in a minute, but if there is a ball to chase then I don't mind, got to keep Mum and Dad fit now haven't we.
    Take care
    Love George x

  3. he he.. while mom's away, little doggies do play !Billy the kit is our one for th computer dancing along the keyboard & leaping at the printer when it's churning somethig out !

  4. Rosy!

    Humphrey has asked me to tell you that rabbits are NOT to be chased. They are to be loved and admired from afar!

    And dear Sue, I am only now catching up and reading blogs from the last few days. Your post, about the not-so-good life was honest and inspiring. I commend you for writing it as I think there IS a tendency in blogging for us to try and portray our lives in a certain light, and life is not like that.

    I don't doubt for a second that your life is hard. Very hard some times. I couldn't do it, I am too 'soft'.

    Good times and not so good times. We all have them, and it's good to hear the truth in these online diaries we write.

    I hope you are feeling brighter though. The weather will pick up, and there will be happy sunny days ahead.

    Love Charlotte

  5. Rosie - Dillon would like to know if there is an internet social network for canines ( to tell you the truth as with most Golden Retrievers he is gorgeous but a little lacking in the brains department so I doubt he could access it but hey give the boy a chance ! )have you set up your own Blog while mum was in the polytunnel? ( can you tell her that I planted melon seeds in one of those in Israel - hot ? yes - extremely ! )

    hope mum is feeling better & enjoying a glass of wine right now xx

  6. never thought of using toilet rolls, great idea...

    Gill in Canada


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