Friday 19 February 2010

Thank You

Flowers for you.....Thank You.
Thank you to all the lovely readers of my Blog who took the time to comment yesterday. It meant SO much.
Lovely Hubby is home from work today and taking charge of the farm. I'm off out, shopping and browsing the garden centre for seeds.
I am wearing clean jeans and fingers crossed, for one day, and one day only they will stay that way!!
The kitchen windowsill.........proof that Spring is on the way!!
Sue xx


  1. have a lovely day Sue xx ( don't do the handbag thing if you don't want to !!! )

  2. enjoy your day out, glad you are feeling better today, pop by my blog as its a funny post today, will cheer you up I guarantee!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. Didn't get a chacne to comment yesterday Sue, but glad you are having a day off today. Everyone feels crappy sometimes - it will pass x

  4. have a most lovely seed shopping day, Sue!
    And thank you for the flowers - gorgeous!
    D x

  5. Pleased you are feeling a bit more perkier today hun. Retail can't beat it! Sue x

  6. Sorry I wasn't around to add my comment yesterday Sue. Your words really helped me very much last week when I was creaking under the pressure, so I hope you'll accept my retrospective warm wishes today.

    This isn't the good life, it's real life. And that's tough as anything sometimes. But spring is coming and that mud will go away - promise!

  7. Hope you have had an indulgent day - buying seeds ! I loved hearing about the scarecrows - and can just imagine a row of them at the bus stop! what a laugh.

    Have awful back pain - couldn't get up my doorstep earlier - thought DD would have to call the fire brigade or something ! She had to take Dillon's lead as I was scared of being pulled over and I made her do all the poop scoops - if I'd bent over I really don't think I could have straightened again !

    Hope you are feeling brighter and lovely hubby done all the chores xx

  8. Lovely flowers!! I hope you enjoyed your day out!! It always does wonders for me!!

  9. I'm so sorry you had a horrid day, the dullness and weather and cold does get to you, but your strength shows in your ability to get back up and into a new day. Big hugs from Land Cuckoo, from our chooks and furry ones too. Spring is coming, the days are getting longer and lighter and soon the ground will be warming up ready to show off those bulbs just waiting to burst into flower to cheer us up.
    Take care Sue,
    Love Sarah x


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