Thursday 18 February 2010

Mud, muck and mist (with a manic depressive thrown in for good measure!).

Today it's as though all promise of Spring has been wiped out. The farm is shrouded in a grey mist and the sky is darkening as I type. The chickens are wading through black sticky mud and look like they are wearing multi-toed boots.
The pigs are refusing to come out of the barn, possibly the electric fence corridor LH has erected to their new digging area is too narrow or maybe it's just the dismal day they have woken up too.
Sophie the Border Collie is lying in the mud looking under the shed and refuses to leave whatever it is making a home under there alone, possibly a family of mice. When she comes in she is destined for yet another wash. I have just got changed for the first time today and it's only 9am, my jeans can stand by themselves in the corner of the room they are so stiff with the mud the pigs and dogs have splashed at me.
Life is yucky here at the moment, usually my posts are full of happy pictures and nice goings on, but occasionally the weight of the work gets to me and this is one of those times. Life is mucky, muddy and the days are too long. I know just how Barbara in 'The Good Life' felt when she wanted to go out and wear her posh frock!!
Only I don't want to go out, I want to go back....back to our previous life!!
To the life where vegetables came washed in bags from the supermarket and the cinema was round the corner, where takeways were within walking distance and I sat in my shop surrounded by the things I had chosen, seeing them oohed and aahd over and bought by customers. Where I went to work wearing clean clothes and came home with them (usually) in the same condition. Where a walk with the dog meant an amble around the park or up the hill to look at the view and where, when we woke in the morning, it really was morning, and the world was coming alive around us. With street lights still lit and the sounds of a town coming to life for another day.
Most likely by tomorrow I will be back on track but for once I wanted to let you into a secret.......this life is not perfect, the 'good life' is not always good. Sometimes life throws you lemons and you make lemonade, and sometimes life throws you lemons and you throw them straight back (or run over them with a tractor)!
Sue xx


  1. ....and there was me thinking you led the perfect life !

    I bought a new skirt to remind myself I was female the other day.

    There is something for you on my blog

  2. Well, you are not alone love! Keep your chin up and have a good scream, count to one thousand have a big mug of your favourite beverage and a tot of something alcofrolic!
    You have done a lot of hard grafting and kept everyone up to date on your progress and quite frankly I don't know how you have done it(even though you have shown us on your blog LOL!).
    Still I envy you and yours the CHANCE to do what you have done and someone to do it with.
    Don't give up now...just rest and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
    Best wishes Sandie

  3. Thanks Sandie and Penny.

    Sue xx

  4. Nothing is ever easy, but you are grabbing life and living it which is what is important. Sometimes though it is good to let us all know that it isn't always good ;-) Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  5. Ahhh - the bum days - yes, I know about those and they never mention them in the "Good Life Manual" do they? As I wrote on some-one else's blog recently..... It's good to rant. Ranting is good but cake tastes nicer. Slice of cake m'dear?

    Rosie x

  6. enjoy the mud as it means you are one step closer to spring! We are still in snow-about 18 inches now. Our poor corgi can only walk in the shoveled paths or in the pastures where the horses and sheep have packed it down!
    Glad you love your choice! Have never lived in town except to stay with my son in the UK,so don't know anything else!

  7. Sue I know these days well, in fact I'm having one myself. When I've put the chickens to bed tonight and brought home the silkie in a box, (because I know he'll have been standing out under a drip)to go in the spare room next to the chick box and the heat lamp, I shall put on a dress and paint my toe nails pink, just to remind myself I am a girl.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day. x

  8. Dear Sue
    I do feel for you! I know how tricky farm life is, having grown up on one. There are days when you think it's almost Spring, or the sunshine will continue and then suddenly grey skies and rain. I have no doubt how much you fancy returning to clean streets, waking to daylight and clean clothes!
    I'm sure tomorrow will be brighter in one way or another. But if it isn't, remember Spring really is on her way.... as long as the animals are fed and watered, why not do something just for you, even if it's only for half an hour?
    Take care, sending you lots of good vibes,
    Denise x

  9. that sort of day happened for me last year when I walked into the downstairs bathroom to discover the upstairs toilet was leaking through the ceiling into the downstairs bathroom!!!

    Everything is still covered in snow here, so we don't have to worry about mud.......yet!!

    Gill in Canada

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  11. Try again!

    Ah yes..the "less than good life" days..

    A well kept secret! ( Not)

    When it is like this outside, and EVERYTHING gets covered with mud , it IS horrible..

    I am trying to find reasonably clean eggs to sell to my "regulars" at the moment..its hard to find 2 out of 8 eggs per day which are acceptably clean...

    and as for getting the veg patch going..HA! I am so cold in the polytunnel I can't even get stuff started in there, never mind outside..

    Seriously Sue, its normal...and horrible...Feb/March are dreadful months and best coped with by doing the bare minimum of outside chores and hiding inside by the fire the rest of the time with a stiff drink and the seed catalogues!

    Big Hugs and hang on in there.....

  12. It still looks perfect to me! xxx

  13. Oh Sue the sun will come out again soon, and you will feel at one with your little patch of heaven. You have achieved so much since you moved, so try to spoil yourself for the next few days you deserve it.
    Bertie x

  14. Thank you for all these lovely comments, nice to know you understand!!

    Today I am wearing clean jeans and going to buy seeds, the sight of new growth poking through the soil should bring me back to an even keel!!

    Sue xx

  15. February is always a difficult month, always a real downer month! Everyone has a real 'wobble' now and again and there is nothing wrong with being 'sick to the back teeth' of their life. Copious amounts of 'nice things and me time' are probably or, essentially, called for, always works for me.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Jak x


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