Tuesday 16 February 2010

New Arrival

Edmund the bear wasn't the only new arrival on the farm this weekend. LH's new boytoy was delivered on Friday. A John Deere 3130 tractor.
Martha, Maud and Betty eating breakfast in the barn.
So now there is no excuse, we can work on our 6.5 acres paddock and get some serious planting done. We hope to grow enough greens to feed our expanding little group of pigs.
Fingers crossed, but we are convinced Betty is pregnant. She has gone all soft on us, wanting cuddling and touching and tickling behind the ears. She has upped her pebble gathering (when she is happy she find pebbles and drops them in the water trough, it always brings a smile to my face when I find them there). She is even being nice to Maud and Martha who are completely baffled by all this and it is now bringing out Martha's bossy side.
Only shiny and clean temporarily, soon to have a plough attachment and be let loose ploughing up a quarter of the paddock. Now were starting to look like 'proper' farmers! Sue xx


  1. how exciting ! new toys AND maybe a tritter trotter of tiny feet xx

  2. LH must be very excited. Better not tell Mike. He will feel inadequate with his measly ride on mower, lol!

    How exciting about Betty! Do you have a boy pig then, or was there a meeting? Or do I have vague memories of something involving a syringe? (Maybe I dreamt that?!)

    Love Charlotte

  3. Piglets - ten a penny around here ;-)

    But a TRACTOR. Seriously, envy has made me the same colour..!


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