Thursday 4 February 2010

The Flat Cap Draw.......

And now the moment has thank you all for your lovely questions this week, as promised, a draw for a little Goody Bag of Lavender's Blue lovelies.
Firstly I comandeered Lovely Hubbys brand new flat cap (you DO NOT want to see the state of the one he wears around the farm) and placed in it, on little bits of paper the names of all the questioneers, added a chicken for good luck and then called the man himself in from the field to do the drawer. Seeing the state of his wellies, I made him stand outside the back door and I held the cap above his head.........and drum roll please....... the name he chose was......
Charlotte from Cottontails Baby
as he enjoyed this so much, I let him choose 2 more names as runners up and they were.....
Penny from The Hen House and Helen from Living Boldly,
they too will get a little prize to thank them for their questions. So if the winners will drop me a quick email with their addresses the prizes will be winging their way to you in no time!
This has been so much fun to do, usually you think of things to post about and just go for it, this time my themes were picked for me and in a way that has been quite refreshing. I have lots to tell you about what has been going on this week, but that will have to wait, first I have prizes to assemble!!
LH is now back in the field digging over my two small raised beds, aided and abetted by all 10 chickens, ready for planting! Thank you again to everyone who took the time to comment and ask questions, I will organise another giveaway as soon as my followers reach the magic number of 100.
Sue xx


  1. OOh I've just seen my name ! how exciting - thank you Sue.

    What a dear little tweedy chicken

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  3. OH!! My gosh I am so so so thrilled... what a fabulous, lovely surprise.

    I am writing this on my laptop in bed, just before going to sleep... don't think I'll be able to now, am so delighted and excited. I literally sat up in shock... poor Humphrey who is trying to nap next to me.

    Thank you so, so much.

    Am delighted.

    Love Charlotte


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