Thursday 24 September 2009

Shorter days......

The nights really are drawing in now, the chickens are tucking themselves up for bed earlier and earlier each day. Yesterday it was 7.10pm, at the start of the week it was 7.30pm. That's a whole 20 minutes less of a day for them.
# I must admit I quite like the extra time this gives us in the evening, without a break from what we are doing to put everyone to bed. They struggled to come out at all this morning, it was damp and a heavy mist lay over all the fields. If I was them I think I would have turned over and gone back to sleep.
# As it is they are all up and pecking around now, although one of them is in for a shock. Cappachino is very mucky around the rear end (to put it politely) and is going to be dunked in some mildly soapy water to clean her up. Last time I did that (to Latte) she ran back to the flock with a most indignant look on her face as if to say "guess what SHE just did to me?"
No wonder they get mucky...........

I'll wait for the sun to show it's face and then go and do Cappys little spa treatment.

A yellow courgette plant in the tyres producing it's last fruit of the season.
Have a good day.
Sue xx


  1. Just been to our allotment and cut our only squash for ripening and the sun was gorgeous. Have a good day Sue x

  2. Good luck with the chook bath! Mine were ready for the off this morning as we woke to blue sky and sunshine, the first time in what feels like ages.
    Great pictures over the past few days, I particularly like your leggy carrot!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  3. Hi Sue,
    Really delighted to see that rosy has settled in so well! We are loving the pictures and comments that you have been blogging. Give rosy a big lick from her doggy mummy ruby.
    Speak soon,
    Ayshea & Jimmy


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