Tuesday 8 September 2009

RIP Mother

Mother (eggactly 2yrs old) RIP
We are sad today here on the farm. The girls are wandering aimlessly not quite sure where to go or what they should be doing. The Welsummers are bemused they have never seen the White Girls like this.
It seems I named this chicken well 'Mother', she held the flock together, not the leader like Cappachino, who warns of real and imaginery dangers and chases the dogs, but the glue that banded the girls together. Where she went, they wanted to be, if she went to get a drink they would go and get one too, if she laid an egg in the Broody House, they would queue to lay in there after. When she made a nest they would take it in turns to sit on it.
I should have guessed something was up. She was trailing a wing slightly yesterday and took herself to sit in the main henhouse an hour before the others, she normally sleeps in the Broody House with one other chicken. When I went to put the side on the house at bedtime she was in the nest box with two of the girls that usually sit on the perches next to her all cuddled together.
Seems they had the feeling it was to be her last night.
I miscounted the girls as they came out this morning and thought all was well, but when I took the side off, there she was. Laid out on the floor, eyes closed and at peace. I've never really seen my girls with their eyes closed they are all so alert, I hadn't realised that until that moment.
After a few tears I placed her in a box, cleaned out the house and then took my grief out on the bloody Red Mites, every inch of that house has been doused with Poultry Shield, just let anyone hurt any of my remaining girls and they will be sorry.
The dogs are quietly sleeping and everything seems still, not for much longer though we are expecting two major deliveries today, the Pig Arks are due here this afternoon and a massive order of wood is to be delivered this morning. I think I will go and make some bread whilst I am waiting.
The nice post I had planned in my head about the Polytunnel will have to wait until tomorrow.
Today is dedicated to Mother, truly a Lovely Lady.
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue
    I'm really sorry to here about Mother,I know how you must be feeling, so I'm sending you a hug...... Everytime we lose a pet I vow never to replace it, as its so painful...... But time's a healer and I always end up doing so.
    Well enjoy the bread making....I will be back soon.

  2. Oh Sue sorry to hear that.

    lynn x

  3. Hi Sue,

    Oh I am so sorry to hear that about your poor chicken :-( I hope it hasn't upset the others too much X

    Rose XXX

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Mother. We lost a chicken on Saturday for reasons unknown and I do miss her being the first one out of the hen house every morning.

    Rosie x


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