Thursday 17 September 2009

Puppies and piles..........

Well, now it's back to normal, or as normal as it ever gets here on the farm. The fields all around are buzzing with tractors and contractors, scarifying, raking, ploughing and doing all the tidying that the huge farm around us needs to prepare it for the winter. Our landlord is a lovely gentleman farmer on the verge of retiring and handing the reins over to his son and it appears he is having a good old fashioned sort out before he does. So just when I thought I might be all alone, the place is alive with big, burly farm men!!
# Here on our little bit of the farm, there is much work to be done. After our weekend away the weeds seem to have had a meeting and decided to invade the polytunnel, so I am going to trot off armed with my gloves and trowel and stage a counter attack. But first I thought I would catch up with reading some of the lovely posts that have appeared on the Blogs on my Blog List.
I couldn't resist posting a couple of pictures of Rosy, she is getting bigger and cheekier by the day. She's a lovely intelligent little thing and is slowly picking up lots of commands and is almost house-trained now, although we still find the odd little puddle when excitment has taken over from training. She usually has a quizical, happy expression on her face and has learned to 'smile', a proper doggy smile that makes us laugh all the time.
Well that the 'puppy' part of the post, what about the piles I hear you ask....well, yes I have piles........... piles of books spilling over every surface stacked in every corner and all waiting to be read. Just when I thought I had conquered my Amazon habit, it sneaked up on me and caught me unawares.
I love books, I have always loved books and I hope I have passed that on to my children, looking in Jasons' wardrobe, yes, I have passed it on! He is an avid reader of books, magazines and articles on the internet, usually connected with science and the weird and wacky.
Me, I love books with stories, books with lovely pictures, books that set my imagination and thoughts a whirling. Books that teach me how to make yummy recipes and treats for tea, and how to take the lovely things we are growing and preserve them for the dark winter days ahead. Books that give me ideas on how to make gifts for my lavender business, to brighten someones day and help finance our little venture.
I think one of my favourite types of books are biographies and autobiographies, to get a glimpse into someone else's life is a treat and to see snippets of their photo albums adds to the pleasure.
I am looking forward to the dark, cosy evening of winter, with the fire crackling, music playing gently in the background, the animals snuggled up for the night and me and Lovely Hubby immersed in our books and magazines, reading, learning and relaxing.
Will it happen........oooh I hope so!
Sue xx


  1. Love your puppy - she looks a real character and being a terrier shes bound to be a handful ;-)
    I had to smile when I saw your piles of books our house is just the same. I need to organise library type shelves

  2. Sue I have piles too, hehe, though to us they are lovely piles. Looking forward to the dark evening too, crochet, a good book or two or maybe three......

    lynn x

  3. What a very sensible name for your puppy :-) She's a cutie.

    Rosie x

  4. Rosie... intelligent?? you sure. she runs into tables head first and thinks it is a good idea to sit on Sophies head when she lies down during a walk and wonders why she falls off when Sophie gets up


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