Monday 21 September 2009

Into a fresh week............

Misty morning in the orchard.
This morning is clean, crisp and fresh and there is a gentleness in the air that belies the activity that has been going on around here over the weekend. Maybe now is the time to slow down the pace and take things as they come instead of pushing forward incessantly striving for more and more. The days are already getting shorter and the evenings longer, with more time for relaxation and reflection on how far we have come up to now.

There has been some urgency this weekend in preparing the way for the pigs, but more was accomplished than we set out to so I think we can safely take things down a notch for next weekend.

The orchard has been tidied and two of the three pig arks assembled with only a minimal amount of swearing and losing of nuts and bolts. The fence posts are in place around the individual pigs pens and the wire has started to be put in place. Next week we have to complete the final touches and make them piggy proof. This week my challenge is to find suppliers of straw and pig nuts, read through our pig keepers manual, and generally get myself up to speed on pig keeping, it's been quite a while since our course, I hope somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my cluttered mind that some snippets of information linger!!
After a hard days work Lovely Hubby came in to tell me he was ready to set off for our manure pick up ( a new hobby of his!!) and I said to give me five minutes to finish what I was doing. When I came into the room ready to go, this is what I found........poor tired man and his dog grabbing a siesta.

Dad.....I think she's spotted us!!

I didn't have the heart to wake them, so I let them rest for half an hour! Then it was time to hit the motorway with our big tipping trailer and pick up a ton of manure from the stables of the sister of a friend of ours. After that all that was left to do was to put the Lovely Hubby in a hot bubbly bath and make us some supper to eat in front of Countryfile, our new favourite Sunday night obsession.

Sue xx


  1. Poor hubby, mind you the pair do look like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, well Sue I think you both deserve a slower pace of life, but will you get it lol

    lynn xx

  2. Hi Sue! I cannot believe how much progress you and hubby have made in a relatively short time frame. Enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Hey your hubby is just like mine - the ability to fall asleep within seconds! When I first met mine, i thought he might have narcolepsy !!!
    We collected manure yesterday too, from my brother's smallholding..
    Have a happy week, Sue
    Denise x

  4. Hee hee, that is a wonderful pic of the sleeping beauties!
    Well done you both for achieving so much this year already.
    Sarah x

  5. My friend Jane has 2 litters of piglets at the moment - very tempting. Good luck with yours.
    J x


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