Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Moody Morning........

It really is a moody morning here in Oxfordshire.....the sky that is, not me. I have woken in a positive mood, the pace of our lives has been hectic in the past few weeks and now suddenly we have the time to take a breath..............and it feels good. As I type the sun is pushing through the clouds and glimpses of blue are begining to show, truly the promise of another lovely Autumnal day.
I picked up my new lavender order this weekend, 30 more assorted lavender plants, Hidcote, Grosso and Munstead, the plants are sitting in their newly dug over and sand added bed, awaiting a planting session. I had to hastily erect a chicken proof fence with the help of a couple of hoes and long sticks and a roll of chicken wire, as the minute my back was turned to get the hosepipe the chickens rushed en masse for a quick lavender snack....back off girls THIS lavender is mine!!
The Leylandi (is that how you spell it?) trees were delivered over the weekend. We were expecting trees on pallets or in wooden boxes and all we got was a one and a half metre square cardboard box.
Lovely Hubby opened it in disbelief, and there they were 200 trees packed so tightly together. We have unpacked them carefully, watered them well and stood them in little groups so they can enjoy the sunshine. Poor things, what a way to travel!
The front of house is suddenly very green and lush looking. The trees will be used to ring the orchard to soak up some of the excess water that accumulates there over the winter, so we have a busy planting time ahead of us, we have been warned though that pigs love the taste of Leylandi , so they will be planted outside the perimeter fence, hopefully away from little piggy snouts.

I'm off out now as I hear the crowing of a chicken showing off about its egg laying skills and feel that this one will make the freshest breakfast imaginable, what better way to start the day than with a lovely soft boiled egg (and maybe a couple of buttery soldiers for dunking).

Have a good day.

Sue xx


  1. Lovely Autumnal day indeed. Not here, still hot, I'm afraid.

  2. Lavender is my favorite. Can't wait to see how it grows for you.

  3. Hi Sue I think you missed another i at the end, we spent yesterday cutting our hedge Leylandii, and spent most of last year taking a lot of it down, one side of the garden was totally removed the other 2 sides cut down by half and then the really difficult part getting rid on it all. We had most of the neighbours Brown Bins (for gardening waste) full for weeks and spent days taking the large bits to the tip. I do miss the privacy though.
    Thanks again for the lovely lavender xx


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