Saturday 5 September 2009

Next bit of improvement...................

After we have finished the pig enclosures and the building of the Pig Arks we will be concentrating our efforts on this little patch of land.
The wood is due to be delivered next week and the flagstones are already here. On the left just out of shot is our raised bed nearest the house (the one the chickens decimated) and on the right our shed, holding all the gardening implements and the chicken feed. In between we plan to have three more raised beds edged on the right hand side (where I stood to take the photo) with the flagstones, this will give me a stable surface on which to stand whilst I peg out the washing. At the moment I have to wibble wobble along on the builders rubble and jump up to reach the clothes line, it was put up to the height of the old surface and of course Lovely Hubby has now had that all scraped away.
Today LH is busy putting in place the huge gateposts for the orchard gate and I am having a blitz on the kitchen cupboards, now Jason has picked out what he wants to take to Uni I am having a good sort out of what is left. The unwanted and duplicated items will be going with us to tomorrows Car Boot Sale. LH is coming with me, it's the only way I can make him have a sit down and a much needed rest. It will be nice to spend a couple of hours together, him reading the Sunday papers and (hopefully) me making lots of money. Sophie will come too, as she loves to socialise with all the dogs that frequent car boot sales in this area, little Rosy will be staying at home, she still finds too much attention so tiring, and she gets loads of attention wherever we go, just one of the drawbacks of being so cute I suppose, I wish I had that problem!! Oh well, that's enough chat for now, back to work.............. Have a lovely weekend. Sue xx


  1. Hope your Booty went well. All our local ones were cancelled due to the field flooding!

    Your landscaping sounds like it is coming on well - don't work too hard!

  2. I've just had a nice catch-up with your blog. Things are really progressing nicely aren't they? Little Rosy is adorable! Hope you did well at the car boot today.



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