Friday 4 September 2009


Sometimes until you stumble on an old photo you don't realise how far you have come. The photo above was taken this morning (it's a lovely day here in Oxfordshire) and the one below was taken at the end of March.
In between the two, we have built the fence around the tyres, built all the raised beds and harvested from them all, acquired the chickens, chicken houses and the shed, fenced off the orchard and fenced our side of the paddock.
We are about to plant 200 Leylandii trees (don't do it I hear you cry!!) we have to unfortunately. It is impossible to drain the orchard properly so we need some REALLY thirsty fast growing trees to go along two side of it! We will keep them trimmed to a managable height with the tractor hedge trimmer, but we need to get some of the water from the orchard so our little piggy wigs will be comfortable.
And thats the first brilliant news, our pigs have been ordered. Two Middle White gilts born on 27th June will be ours in a couple of weeks and one Berkshire sow (Betty), ready for AI will be ours just after the weaners arrive.
Lovely Hubby has gone to work today in the van, so he can tow back our new piggy trailer and some more good news my new chicken house is also coming today. I feel more before and after pictures coming soon.
Have a good day, hope your weather is as nice as ours at the moment (after yesterday this is SUCH a relief).
Sue xx


  1. Weather here is beautiful, though the wind seems to be building up a gale again....what a change there Sue, do keep the other pictures coming, and I've taken note of that pogramme tip, many thanks for that.

    lynn x

  2. Hello Sue
    We too have sunshine today, and the wind is blowing nicely - I do like an Autumn wind - so my washing is flapping away outside!
    It is lovely to see the before and after photos, and as you say it is good to remind yourself of how much you've achieved. And your country experience has been a huge achievement!
    Exciting news about the pigs - they are gorgeous. Can't wait to read more about them.
    Happy weekend

  3. The weather on Central Oregon's high desert is perfect ~ thank you! And your kingdom is looking perfectly wonderful! Enjoy the weekend and don't work too hard.

  4. You have been very very busy! It all looks great!
    I'm still so busy at the mo, am planning a day catching up with you and yours after the Milton Keynes show next week!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  5. Wow been very busy. I love pigs having owned a few myself their so adorable. The weathers starting to warmer here in NZ with summer being around the corner and all.


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