Thursday 10 September 2009

Gorgeous morning.....................

This morning is gorgeous.
At first light there was a mist hovering just above the fields and as the sun gets stronger the mist is lifting and the world is coming alive., the chooks are pottering in their runs and I am waking up slowly at the computer, coffee in one hand typing with the other.
I am taking a mini Blogging break over the next few days. We have a really busy weekend, sort of work, but lots of fun too we hope.
Tonight we hit the road for Derby, we are doing a one day course tomorrow on the feasibilty of keeping mass Free Range chickens here on the farm. At the end of the day we will be heading home for a pit stop, then on Saturday lunchtime we will be setting off for the Devon/Dorset border so we can spend Sunday at River Cottage, it's the Hugh FW's Autumn Fair and promises to be a day of good food and lots to learn. Monday we will be spending in Lyme Regis where Hugh films all his fishing/sea stories and then we will head back home.
Tuesday I will be dropping Jason off at University in Preston, Lancashire, ready to begin his Masters Degree in Document Analysis, then it's back down the motorway to my lovely Mum and Dads house and a well earned overnight stop to catch up on news and pick up our supplies from their allotment shop.
My Dad helps run the Trading Hut, a wonderful shop split over a container and a pavilion style hut, stacked high with rustic sacks, veggie seeds and plants. in fact most of the supplies needed by allotment keepers and gardeners. Everything weighed out into brown paper bags (with always an extra onion or potato for luck) from the old fashioned weighing scales. Dad always lets me know what goodies are arriving and my order is usually placed on the spot and picked up as soon as I can. This time I am buying some overwintering onion sets to get us ahead for next year.

Then on Wednesday lunchtime it will be time to head home, this has all had to be planned with military precision, to make sure that the animals are all fed at their usual times and the dogs are not left too long on their own. Whilst I am travelling Lovely Hubby is working slightly shorter hours so he can be here to do my usual chores as well as his own.

And after all this..................we have to prepare the farm for the arrival of the pigs. We have two weekends to get everything ready. That includes the planting of 200 trees around the perimeter of the orchard, building the pig arks (Jason is going to creosote the bases whilst we are travelling this weekend), and buying our piggy troughs and sourcing a good supply of pig food, both dried and veggie scraps.

Busy, busy, busy then!!

Back soon, the sign on the door says 'Gone Travelling'.

Sue xx


  1. Dear Sue
    Yes such a glorious morning, isn't it? Here the sky is as blue as blue, no breeze and the air is wonderfully chilly. I am off to survey my land (the garden, that is!).
    Gosh you are soooo busy! But it all sounds great stuff. Have fun, enjoy, take many pics - looking forward to hearing about it all next week.
    Denise x

  2. Wow, what a busy time ahead! The Autumn fair sounds great - look forward to hearing all about that!

  3. Do tell all when you get back, have a lovely time.

    lynn x


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