Tuesday 29 September 2009

Aga love............

I've decided.........it's official....I love my Aga!
How could you not love something that welcomes you home with a warm blast of heat as you open the back door, tries her best to waft her heat over the whole house (and this is a big house), cooks all your food to perfection (once you get past the cremation of the pies that is), gives the cats and dogs (and on occasion , chickens) something warm and cosy to snuggle up against, dries the washing, cuts down on the ironing, warms the water that gives you that oh so needed bath after a hard days work............ and most importantly of all........heats the kettle that gives the water for that first cup of coffee of the day.
Yesterday was 'the day'! Aggy the Aga's annual service day. The lovely man came moved all the cupboards from around her (cleverly designed this kitchen, I never realised before) and pulled out some of her innards!! I couldn't watch.....I retreated to the computer and got on with some work. He tinkered around, shone his torch into her deep dark recesses and then took bits of her outside to his big Landrover, whereupon he started cleaning out and filing her previously secret bits!!
Then after about an hour he started to put her back together, checked her over again and gave me the final verdict........for an old girl she is in brilliant shape (better than me then!).

Phew....we live to cook together for another year.

She's running on oil with a Glowmax additive, so as we are very satisfied with this he's asked me if he can use her as a test case because seemingly some customers using this additive are not as happy as we have been.
She's a reconditioned Aga, one that was moved from another old farmhouse that our landlady owns, and seemingly in the words of the Aga man, 'the only sort you should buy now'. It would seem that new Agas (although still good) do not have all cast iron parts like these old ones.

So if I were ever to buy another one 'always go for reconditioned secondhand ones' he told me. As if I could ever cook on anything else again. I have serious Aga love. Hubby will rue the day he ever started me on this! Haha....................

Aggie the Aga.

Sue xx (The One woman Aga Appreciation Society)


  1. Brilliant Sue, I think I I were in the country, I'd have to have one. The cats would love it, I'm sure. We rented a cottage near Bridport before we bought ours and that had an Aga in the kitchen. It was nearly xmas and it was so nice to come in and just hug it!
    Will we be seeing you at the V&H Fair on the 14th?
    Hen xxx

  2. I love Agas but sadly we would have to do a lot of structural work in our kitchen in order to be able to fit one in!
    Maybe, hopefully sometime in the futute when we have finished all our other more pressing work around the house.
    Isabelle x

  3. I've always wanted an Aga - and blue is a great colour...one day maybe!

  4. They are great aren't they? I remember managing to set light to one once!

  5. Not only is she efficient ... she is beautiful!

  6. I am with you al the way. Aggy is beautiful.
    I too have a re-con. Love it, so does hub.
    I have managed to cut down on the heating bill since owning one...which was a surprise!

  7. I have a Aga kettle does that count....Anyway hoping one day to reunite kettle with Aga, in the meantime I shall dribble over yours.

    lynn xx

  8. I couldn't even fit an Aga into my kitchen....I'll just have to admire yurs from afar.


  9. Agas are the best! I couldn't be without one now.

  10. Oh yes - our Aga ia solid fuel! The tales i could tell! lol!


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