Friday, 18 November 2016

You Should Be Eating the Grass ....

The sheep are back in the big paddock. 

When Will, their owner first brought them back they were here in the paddock, then he moved them to the triangular field at the end of our land for a few weeks.  They munched on the grass in there until it was short and neat, and then last weekend he came and moved them back into the paddock where the grass has recovered from their last grazing.

Only they have decided that they will not live on grass alone and are happily grazing away on anything that overhangs the fence.  Brambles, gorse, trees .... you name it and they will eat it, the only thing they wouldn't eat in the end field was all the tasty fresh new shoots of nettles that Will promised us they would see as a treat and that are driving Lovely Hubby to distraction with their manic proliferation.

Oh well, once the sheep stop nibbling around the edges of the paddock they do do a brilliant job of keeping the grass down and fertilising the ground.  It's surprising how much they have grown on this lush grazing, these are all this years lambs.

Sue xx


  1. Bless them - haven't they got beautiful faces. I bet it's nice for you to have them back. Hopefully they'll get a taste for nettles soon. Have a lovely weekend. Regards.

  2. Ours are the same, won't touch the nettles!

  3. Strim the nettles, they'll eat them when they are dying off ( although come to think of it in wet Wales they might not get dry enough!)

  4. Nettles:-
    Cut them in May, up the next day
    Cut them in June, up again soon
    Cut them in July, then they'll die

    Cumbrian saying, might be worth trying.


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