Saturday 12 November 2016

Weekend Pictures

Let's all go this way ....

... or we could go this way!!

" Mum, I think the chickens need feeding. "

" Did someone say feeding? "

There's not a lot happening here at the moment in 'coldsville' ..... can you tell?

Have a good weekend.

Sue xx


  1. So cute ! sniffing friends.
    You need a lawn mowing attachment that vacuums up leaves !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. We have a sucker/blower but it's a losing battle when you live with so many trees around the house and a whole woodland behind you. Once the trees are bare we will have a tidy up.

  2. The chickens seem just as interested in the dogs, as they are them !
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend Sue.

  3. Must be fun to have your little menagerie!

    1. I would interesting and challenging are more the words we would use ;-)

  4. Am I seeing the lovely Mavis now well trained enough to go off lead? Or are my old eyes not as good as they used to be ;)


    1. Yes, Mavis is off her lead anywhere on our property now .... as long as one of us is out with her :-)

      She even vanishes briefly from sight but returns to us when we call. In fact I would say of the three dogs she has the best recall on our property, we have not tested this anywhere else yet for obvious reasons. Rosy has the best 'off farm' recall and is the dog most to be trusted.

      And Suky ..... well she is just Suky!!

  5. Ah, my mum has 3 pugs and yours looks just like one of hers! Love them :-)

  6. Replies
    1. Terrible trio more like ... they are always getting up to mischief !!


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