Saturday, 26 November 2016

Mother ...and a Frosty Morning

Mother is the name we gave our Christmas Cacti when it came to live with us after living previously with Lovely Hubby's Mum and before her, her Mum ... it just had to be 'Mother' didn't it ... it couldn't simply be the Christmas Cacti   :-)

After a break of about three months she is back in glorious flower and bringing a shot of the most beautiful colour to the room off the kitchen.

Yes, that's a Marrow in the background, the last one that was harvested before the frosts struck.

And talking of frost, we woke up this morning to a magical white wonderland of thick, thick frost.

The chickens water had to be thawed, not once but twice.

And with a big snack of corn in their tummies and warmed water to drink they were happy to mooch around in the chilly November sunshine.

Keep cosy and warm this weekend, and thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday. 
I am off out now to try and hunt Chris down, it's going to be another freezing night tonight.

Edit:  I went to Llandudno and immediately found Chris who was thrilled with his early Christmas presents, while we were chatting another guy came up, gave him a pound and said he had a nice warm jacket that was about Chris's size that he would drop off off next time he was passing if Chris wanted it ... he did .  Nice things happening to a nice guy for once   :-)

Sue xx


  1. Aw I'm so glad you found Chris and were able to give him those lovely warm clothes, etc. Thank you so much for buying them in the first place and then making a special journey to find him.

  2. That's made my day. I don't think Chris will be the only one left with a warm feeling.
    It's people like you and others who do such delicious acts of kindness, that restore my Faith in Mankind. And boy, do we need that right now. Blessings

  3. Best Thanksgiving post ever.
    I am happy you found Chris.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Pleased you managed to find Chris.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. I'm so glad you found him too and that he is safe and well. Let's hope his good luck is on a roll.
    Love the beautiful Christmas cactus too; wonderful colour.

  6. I am so glad you updated us on finding Chris!

    Do the hens not mind the cold, then?

  7. PS Beautiful plant! I cannot grow them as one of our cats feels they are a treat brought in just for him.

  8. I have several Easter/Christmas cacti plants which flower ad hoc so no idea what they are. Yours is lovely. Glad you found Chris. I once met a homeless ma in who hung around Tesco car park waiting to see if he could have the trolley token. One day he appeared out of the gloom and scared me. He apologised profusely and it appears he had kids up North and an ex wife. He was an alcoholic. Never see him now. Nursed a fair few . They are characters and often fall on hard times which could happen to any of us.

  9. What you did for Chris was lovely!! (My thoughts...If we all spent less on ourselves maybe we'd have more to share out too & if we were all more content with what we have maybe we'd realise just how fortunate we are compared to others like Chris).

    You may of bought Chris the items even not on a challenge as you seem that kind of nice thoughtful person but I often see people spending loads on themselves then passing a homeless person & they won't or say they can't spare even a £1. Shame really. If we didn't give into consumerism so much we'd all have more money to spare/share.

    You have such a warm heart Sue thank you for sharing your story

  10. Hi Sue Crying reading this . I am so proud of you , a Typical
    gesture from you and LH, That is why Mavis loves you both.
    Love MUM XX

  11. Happy to hear you were able to find Chris and bless him!

    Your Christmas cactus is beautiful. When my older brother Bill passed away unexpectedly in late August he had 14 Christmas cacti. The oldest one had belonged to his MIL and we sent it home with his SIL since it was her mother's originally. The other 13 were distributed to his siblings and nieces. I told my sister Bill would help us keep them alive and thriving in his honor. Miss him greatly, but the cacti are a nice remembrance.

  12. How wonderful for Chris that you and hubby were so thoughtful - demonstrates the true meaning of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you both.

  13. Aww, so glad that you found Chris.

    I love the Christmas cactus. The blossom colours are beautiful.

    God bless.


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