Thursday, 17 November 2016

Little Miss Madam

Every day when I go over to clean out the henhouse this hen comes in to see what I'm up to, to inspect my work and generally give me a little piece of her mind.  She chunners away 'talking' to me in varying degrees of bossiness ....

... inspects what I'm doing and then usually with a bit of a 'huff' noise .... as if I'm not doing things properly ....

... she turns on her heel and struts out to join her friends.

When I was off colour with my cold last week and Lovely Hubby took over henhouse duties for two days she stayed away ..... but the first day I was back in charge she came marching in and gave me a right royal telling off.

Because of this even though we swore we wouldn't be naming any more of the chooks this one's name is Little Miss Madam ... because she is a right little madam.

You've got to love a chicken with sooooo much character.

Sue xx


  1. Really, she named herself didn't she Sue? Hope winter isn't treating you too harshly yet? We have earthquakes, tsunamis, and now storms here!! All a bit much really! A bit of calm Welch countryside has made me feel much better. Thank you!

  2. Lovely. Birds can have so much character. Unless you've lived with them you'd never know. Glad she's keeping tabs on you ;-)

  3. They certainly DO have characters and whoever says chickens are not intelligent, have never lived with them. Mine have me wrapped around their little dinosaur toes for sure. They know exactly what they want and when they should get it. They really are fascinating creatures. Obviously, your "Little Miss Madam" doesn't trust you to do a good job on the cleaning out front!!

  4. I have one who grumbles and pecks my wellies. Her name's Lucille.

  5. We have a chicken like this! We call her Mrs. Bossy. She has appointed herself Chicken in Charge, and struts around the very last thing before the coop door closes at night. Doing an inspection, I guess.
    Unfortunately, she has also gotten trapped outside occasionally because of it.

  6. What a fabulous Post !
    I just love the stories that chicken owners have. They are a hoot !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. They are certainly all individuals, aren't they? We have one Buff Orpington hen who insists on coming up into the garden by the house and eating around the bird table all day. All the rest of the hens go out into the field - and enjoy scratching about. But not Miss B>O - she much prefers to be near the house and see what is going on.

  8. of course hens have pecking orders - sounds like she is your boss - but maybe hubbie is top boss ? sounds like hen pen thinks so !! enjoy ! she looks like a real character !

  9. I have a girl that does the same thing. Aren't they funny?


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