Thursday 24 November 2016

Just a Day in the Kitchen

It was quite a nice day today, although it was cold and damp after days and days of heavy rain, the sun was shining and the view from the window was of the cottages on the hillside opposite bathed in sunlight.

On our side of the valley it was a bit duller and it wasn't quite as tempting to go out, so I stayed in the kitchen pottering around with the cupboards.  Pulling things out and wiping down the empty cupboards, before putting things back in and trying to make the contents of the various food cupboards more logical.  There will be pictures over on the other blog for the next couple of days.

While I worked away the dogs snoozed in their beds, they like it when they know what I'm up to and when I stay in the same place for more than an hour.  Mavis was curled up on the sofa with Ginger  :-)

After snapping the photo of them sleeping I carried on taking pictures around the room.

Just little areas that I love ...

... and that make our house a home.

It's nice to have an indoor day and feel like you've accomplished something. 

Tomorrow Lovely Hubby has decided it's the day we put all the raised beds to bed for the Winter, weeding them, piling on the manure and the homemade compost and then covering them with membrane, so there will be lots more accomplished .... just not in the warmth of the house.

Sue xx


  1. Your kitchen looks lovely. So warm and welcoming. I, too, have spent a good part of the morning in the kitchen, baking. A double batch of corn bread and a banana bread. I'll be taking the corn bread to my aunt's house, later, when we gather to have Thanksgiving dinner. I might send the banana bread home with my daughter, for her to share with her colleagues in her office.

  2. What a cozy place. Love the photos, and the one of your dogs made me smile.

  3. I love your kitchen - it looks so warm and homey x x

  4. Lovely blog, kitchen looks warm and homely. Woo xx

  5. So nice to have a peek into your evolving kitchen. Love the framed picture: garden and library x


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