Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday 2016

Well it's  Black Friday and all morning emails were pinging into my inbox advising me of all the fantastic unmissable deals available to buy on this day of supposedly mass consumerism.

Well we've just been into Llandudno, the biggest shopping town of our area and there was no manic buying in evidence ... thank goodness.  May be we didn't look hard enough but then we didn't want to.  We walked the dogs along the prom in the bright November sunshine, chatting to each other and planning something we had had in mind since my chat earlier in the week to our regular Big Issue seller, who I found out is now, through no fault of his own, living in a shed.

We went into the local camping shop and bought a waterproof rucksack and then we bought some things to put into it.  A warm hat, a couple of pairs of good quality thermal socks, a pair of thick gloves, a set of thermal base layers (long sleeved t shirt and leggings) a waterproof bag that fits inside the rucksack to guarantee everything stays dry, and finally a thin insulated roll up sleeping mat. 

Then we went outside to look for Chris.  He had been in his normal place but was no longer there, so we went into Waterstones and had a coffee while we waited to see if he would reappear, and took the opportunity to take the labels off all our purchases and pack them neatly into the rucksack.  When he was still not in sight as we left the shop, we slowly walked along the road looking in all his usual haunts, and checked in at the newsagents where he picks up his copies of The Big Issue, but he was nowhere to be found.

Oh well, that was our foray into shopping on this Black Friday, it's the only shopping we did.  And as the messages and emails keep pinging into my inbox still, I just keep on deleting them without reading ... there's nothing either of us want and nothing either of us need.  And I'm glad that our favourite town appeared peaceful and untroubled by mass buying expeditions.

Chris's early Christmas gifts are in the boot of my car and we will check to see if we can find him at every opportunity.

Have you been tempted by any Black Friday deals or are you, like us, happy to go about your normal business and not shop when you are told to shop?

Sue xx


  1. What a lovely, kind thing for you to do Sue. I do hope you find your friend soon as the nights are so cold now. I too am deleting loads of Black Friday emails as there's nothing I actually need and don't want to be tempted whatever the price.

  2. Sue that has really made my day, what a wonderful thing you and your hubby have done for Chris, you really are a lovely caring person. I used to buy the big issue every month from the same bloke in Doncaster but sadly he dissapeared a couple of years ago and i didnt have the heart to ask anyone what had happened to him incase it was bad news, i felt i would rather not know if it had been something bad, cowardly of me i know but it would have been upsetting, so i would rather think that he had some good fortune and had found shelter and a job somewhere.
    I hope you manage to track him down soon as i believe we are in for some very cold weather.
    take care jane xx

  3. What a lovely and generous idea for the Big Issue seller - I do hope he turns up again
    so that you can surprise him.
    As for Black Friday - nothing in our little town - but then we are in Yorkshire when folk do tend to hang on to their money!!

  4. Such a lovely idea, hope you find him and he finds somewhere warm to stay for the winter

  5. A very thoughtful thing to do; I hope you find him soon. We are not "buyers" so Black Friday holds no appeal whatsoever!

  6. That's a lovely kind gesture. What a better place we'd all be in if we could all do good deeds like this on just one day of the year!

  7. Sue, you and your hubby have hearts of gold. Please let us know if you make contact with Chris again. Blessings to you all

  8. That's such a kind gesture. I do hope that you find him soon, with winter here, he will be so glad of all your thoughtful gifts.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful thing for you to do.
    Only slightly busier than normal in our little town today although it was getting busier as we left. It's the light switch on tonight-x-

  10. What a lovely lovely thing for you to do, I hope you track him down soon x

    We popped to the nearby retail park today and it was chaos - we had to drive around twice to get a parking spot!

  11. Well, we had a Couldn`t-care-less kind of Friday. No manic or panic to buy anything at all. DB had an appointment with the nurse about his diabetes and chest infection. We took a look around local charity shops but didn`t buy a thing.

  12. I only bought some kitchen roll and a pizza discount on either

  13. We did not leave the house at all today. I love staying home, especially in the winter.

    So wonderful of you to spend your time shopping for Chris. I do hope you find him on your next trip.

    God bless.

  14. I despise what Black Friday has turned into. Just awful.
    Sorry that is such an awful export from America to you.
    What shopping I have done has been finished long ago.
    No crazy weekend shopping for me.

    cheers, parsnip

  15. It is amusing, here is New Zealand, to be bombarded with Black Friday advertising, as it is a total non-event. One click, and it's in the bin. Hey Ho! I must admit I went into a children's toy shop today and it was full of little people and their anxious parents. Such an expensive time of year for families, such pressure to be consumers. I'm so glad I'm not a part of it. Our school takes part in "Fill the bus" a project to provide new toys for children who would otherwise go without. If you're a needy family that must be such a help.

  16. Very humbling to read what you have done for Chris, hope that the reason you could not find him is something positive like he's been given decent housing and a chance to rebuild his life. No Big Issue sellers in Cockermouth but I add to the Food Bank box in Sainsbury's each time we visit. No Black Friday consumerism here either.

    1. No, he had been in his usual spot selling the Big Issue TEN minutes before. We went into the camping shop AFTER seeing him there, it was very frustrating for him to disappear just when we had the things for him. I'm off out again today to try and find him.

  17. They don't tempt me atall. Like you I have been deleting all the emails without reading. Shop when I decide to. Wish you a lovely weekend, Pam in Norway

  18. I bought a few things in Hobby craft but they were planned purchases for Christmas anyway. I was very happy to get them at less than half price.

  19. I did make a purchase from Amazon. I had been waiting for months for this item to go on sale.

  20. I wish that the world had more people like you in it!! It is so refreshing to hear a lovely story of unselfishness and generosity. I hate shopping (unless it's the garden centre) and I hate all the greed of Christmas because I always think about those people less fortunate (and all the animals without a home)and it makes me sad. To be able to give a gift is so much more rewarding than receiving and what a wonderful gift you have in store for Chris. Kindness is a marvellous thing!

  21. Now that is a really good way to "celebrate" black Friday and Christmas. I know you didn't do it to be lauded, but well done you!


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