Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Weather ... and Anniversary Presents

I'm just in from braving our dreadful weather to have a shopping expedition to Llandudno to organise Lovely Hubby's anniversary present for next month. 

Yesterday we had strong winds and torrential rain buffeting the house all day and all night, but up to now ... touch wood .... we seem to be watertight.  No repeat of last year with every window sill being draped in towels with lines of bowls and jugs along the top to catch all the water ingress ... phew!!

  Surprisingly even though it is so wet and has been for days, the snow that's on the top of the distant hills opposite us, the Carneddau, hasn't melted so it's obviously even colder up there.

Anyway back to Lovely Hubby's present, he's going to know what it is as soon as it's delivered on Sunday, it's huge, it's being delivered by two guys ... and he'll need to be here to help them unload it and find space for it in his workshop ... so there'll be no surprise that I can pull out of my sock drawer for him this year unfortunately.  I just hope he really did want it when he said he did!!

And just to let him know if he's reading this .... that while doing a spot of research for his present I have discovered what the mystery package, hidden in plain sight beside the sofa is!!

Well that's our presents to each other sorted out for this year then  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. My waterproof outers were waterproof, but my boots and gloves weren't. Grrrr.

  2. Congratulations on your coming anniversary! Aren't surprises fun?!

  3. Can't wait to find out what you have bought for your husband - I suppose we'll have to wait until Sunday. Am I to early to wish you "Happy Anniversary" - anyway "Happy Anniversary".

    1. Our anniversary is on 4th December, but happy wishes are lovely at any time ... thank you 😊


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