Tuesday 1 November 2016

Project 333 - Four Years On

Back in December of 2012 I joined in with Project 333 for the first time, so although I've recently been doing some posts about it over on this years challenge blog  'Living Without ...'  I thought I would do my main post about this seasons P333 selection on here, so I have it recorded for posterity.

You can go way back to my original post HERE, if you want to read about the rules etc.  But basically you choose 33 items of clothing and accessories to wear for the next 3 months hence P333.  You don't include underwear, sleepwear, specific work wear or workout clothes, but should include accessories and usually jewellery.

Anyway this is the selection of things that I have chosen to see me through the next three months.  The hanging things in my half of the wardrobe, the accessories on top of the box underneath them and in close up above.  (Also on the box is a stack of vest tops that I wear under the shirts that are hanging, but as they are never worn on their own they do not have to be counted.)

In my drawer are my long sleeved t shirts, cardigan and jumpers.  And looking back at the old P333 posts this cardigan has been in my Winter collection every year since the beginning .... I think I have had my moneys worth here :-)

My waterproof jacket. 
I had to hang it on the mirror to photograph it as the colour wasn't true when I hung it on the door!!

And my footwear selection.

I was going to count my jewellery as one item but I reached thirty three items before I could add it and I honestly do not want to put anything that I have chosen back, so I have decided to be lenient with myself and just not count it.  After all it's a challenge, not a punishment.

How many of you have counted and gotten to 34?  Sorry to confuse you .... one of the tops that is hanging in the top photo was folded and put into the drawer (front right) in between the photos being taken!!

And now I've done my usual trick of turning all the hangers round to the way I don't usually have them, as things are worm washed and returned to the wardrobe the hangers will be hung the right way, and this way I will be able to monitor which clothes get worn and which are not earning their space in the collection.

Are any of you doing either P333 or something similar, to keep your clothes to a manageable level?  I would be interested in finding other blogs and bloggers that do this as I'm in a real 'getting rid of clutter' frame of mind again at the moment.

Sue xx


  1. I am going to be doing this, but haven't got round to it yet - hoping this week, but getting on with other de-cluttering jobs at the moment.

    You have a good selection!

    1. There's a lot of folks decluttering at the moment, it feels good doesn't it. It will be a natural progression to get round to your wardrobe soon :-)

      I tried to pull together colours that would work well, the shirts with t shirts and accessories ... and I only ever wear jeans so that simplifies things. The only things that stand out like a sore thumb are my gloves, but they have never been worn and are my only gloves so they will do for this Winter. I might ask for a black pair for Christmas :-)

  2. I find this very interesting and will consider it. Have you ever changed out one item for another mid-time?

    1. I have never just changed an item out, but I have discovered something doesn't work out or just felt wrong, and gotten rid of it and in it's place pulled in something else from my other clothes to take its place.

      When you only have a limited number of clothes everything has to earn it's keep and make you feel good, I think that's the main reason I like doing this, you know that everything in your wardrobe is very wearable.

  3. Almost 3 weeks in to this challenge. Positive things : 1, it's easy to find stuff in wardrobe 2, I clearly selected the stuff that fits and flatters, cos I am getting so many compliments 3, OH likes tidier bedroom! Negative : in my efforts to select stuff that goes together, I chose a black/white/grey palette with some burgundy and navy. I have cheated a bit and added some bright scarves this past week just for a splash of colour. But on the whole very happy with it. Been playing about with free stylicious app to catalogue my wardrobe.

    1. I think that's the beauty of this, you can pull in just a couple of other things to brighten up or change your outfits and you quickly learn what looks and feels right, and it's always a bonus to be getting lots of compliments, you must have chosen well.

      Well done on your 3 weeks :-)

  4. How interesting. I don't do this, but what I do is each Spring and each Winter I go through my wardrobe and drawers, throw out anything which is past its sell by date, wash or have anything dry cleaned which I no long wear and take it to the Salvation Army collecting bin in our car park - the stuff put in there is given to homeless and very needy people, and then I reorganise, noting anything I need for the coming season.

  5. I have less than 33 pieces of clothing so I don't change things out season to season. I wear jeans, 3pairs, 2 black jeans, black T shirts, white t shirts, 3 each, 2 navy blue T shirts, 3 chambray shirts I use over T shirts. I do have sweats( 3) for walking. I have a pair of walking shoes, Birkenstocks, and I just bought a pair of Naot shoes. We live in a temperate climate, so it's easier than if we lived where there was snow.

  6. How neat you are Sue. I would consider doing this too. I have mostly op-shop clothes now, but my shoes are always purchased new. I wear probably 3 sets of clothes for my home wear, but have approx 20 items of clothing for wearing to work, which is only two days per week. I need to cull some of my wardrobe. Am going to look at this more seriously asap. :) Thanks for sharing the idea.

  7. I would need 33 things for each season! But, there is one thing I do. When I wear something, I turn the hanger backwards. Then I try not to wear anything with the hanger backwards until I wear everything hanging the proper direction. When I do start over with the backwards hangers, I get rid of the clothes I didn't wear. Did that make any sense at all? It's sort of what you do with your hangers, only I don't turn them all backwards to begin with!

    Cindy Bee

  8. It made perfect sense Cindy Bee.
    Oh Sue, I need to do this but I just keep putting it off! Now you've posted about it, I hope it'll give me a nudge!

  9. wow, okay, i don't have that many clothes plus i wear mine out mostly, then they go into the fabric stash to get cut up as yarn or rags (usually yarn) i'm actually collecting clothes to wear as i barely have any, have added 3 pairs of long pants this year, that takes it up to 6 pairs & i have 3 favourite tops that need replacing, am attempting to knit some tops for myself. i do have a few jumpers & love collecting nice coats when i can.
    interesting posts these p333s
    thanx for sharing


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