Monday, 28 November 2016

Cold Crisp Weekend

Oooh ... it was a bit nippy over the weekend. 

But we got some jobs done around the old homestead, both outside and inside.  Lovely Hubby wanted to get his trailer unloaded  ready for a manure pick up in the next couple of weeks, so he set to and shovelled out all the stones that were left in there, adding them to the narrow path way that runs down the side of the wall.  It soon warmed him up.

After cleaning out the henhouse and adding more hot water to all the drinkers I grabbed the camera and got a few shots of our lovely frosty land.

This bit is on the very edge of the woodland at the back of the house, and don't worry I think it's my camera angle that is leaning so badly to the left not the telegraph pole  ;-)

It took a while to thaw out each day but once it did we had glorious sunshine, it was so lovely to see but it was still bitterly cold and you had to keep busy to keep warm.

Sue xx


  1. Looks lovely feels not quite as much

  2. Lovely hoar frost by the look of your photographs. Lucky you - so photogenic - we rarely seem to get a morning like that here.

  3. Lovely crisp morning photo. You take photo's like me except I managed to get the leaning tower of Pisa perfectly upright! Lol

  4. I don't mind the cost of a sunny day being a Friday night. The sun is such a mood lifter!

  5. I see you're on the frosty side of the valley - do you face North? It looks beautiful, but not so much fun to have to work outside in!

  6. Lovely frosty photos, Sue, but I'm glad we're a bit warmer here in Cornwall. A hard frost is forecast for tonight; the builder has covered my newly-built steps outside the kitchen door so his hard work isn't ruined.

  7. You know what people who live in Denmark apparently say....There's no bad weather just bad clothing.
    I need to take a leaf out theres & yours book & get out more even in the cold! Fresh air esp the cool crisp type is so nice & fresh air is good for you.

    Did it take time for you to thaw out after being outside in this? Do you add hot water for your chickens coz there water has frozen or is too cold to drink?

    1. Once you get working you warm up nicely ... well LH does, I'm a bit of a wuss and never last very long.

      I agree completely about the right clothing, ut makes such a difference.

      The chickens water (and the sheep's) had frozen completely in the drinkers that's why I needed to take hot water over. Chickens need water even more than food, especially the layers.

  8. You seems busy on different stuff but enjoyed from doing it, Sue. I like starring to your photos. Place look clean and quiet.

  9. It started snowing here yesterday and snowed all night. We now have a lovely covering of white making all look nice and clean.

    God bless.

  10. We didn't have a cold weekend, but today and yesterday have been bl**dy freezing! (I mean BELOW freezing...). Hopefully killing all the nasty bugs.

  11. It looks beautiful. We have a lovely frost this morning; bright & crispy with low winter sun, beautiful but cold x

  12. It looks beautiful and I get envious when I see lovely photos like yours. We don't get frost where I am, it's just too hot. I'm really thinking that I need to take the family on holiday somewhere in the northern half of the globe so we can experience a real winter for once!
    x Susan


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