Friday 9 September 2016

The Buoy is Back

A few of you commented on the lush green grass we have here at the moment, both in the paddock and nearer to the house.  The grass near the house is brand new recently sown grass after a lot of levelling and groundworks all done by my Lovely Hubby over the past couple of months.  It used to be absolute hell to mow even with the large petrol mower as there were so many dips and huge stones not far beneath the surface ... and of course half of all mowing here is done uphill !!

Now that it is more level it is easier to mow, although the new grass is growing so fast it needs mowing even more regularly.

Over in the paddock the grass has had time to rest after the sheep left us a couple of weeks ago.  The mix of hot, sunny days and lots of rain over the past two weeks has meant that that too has put on a growth spurt, so in a couple of weeks Lovely Hubby will ride round on his little tractor with the grass cutting deck attached and neaten things up ready for Winter.  One thing sheep do is to graze in their favourite bits over and over and leave tufts where they don't eat.

A sign of the changing season is this ....

... yes the buoy is back!!

The first sign that the ferns and undergrowth on the edge of our woodlands are dying back is seeing the dangling buoy for the first time.

But yes, we are looking green and lush ... if a little shaggy around the edges.

Sue xx


  1. looking lush and healthy. I can't remember the story of the bouy - did someone put it there to swing on ?

    1. We are pretty sure it was the last occupants of our house, they had two young boys who no doubt had many happy times swinging in the trees. There is a lot to do in our woods it would be heaven to make camps and generally do the things that young children like to do .... I'm half tempted myself sometimes ;-)

  2. Lovely photo's Sue - Can't believe all that lovely land you have (I am so jealous). You and your hubby have really put the hard work in and it really shows .... you've got a piece of paradise. Have a good weekend. Kind regards, Louise, Cheshire.

  3. That last sentence more or less describes what it looks like here too, but with silaging in full swing everything else has to take a back seat.

  4. THat buoy is an odd thing to have dangling in your garden!

  5. Such a lovely green... We are getting pretty brown here as trees turn colour and the grass dies back.

    God bless.

  6. Beautiful to look at. Thank you.


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