Tuesday 20 September 2016

Matchy, Matchy

The colour of Lovely Hubby's latest batch of Rhubarb and Apple Wine was such a glorious and familiar colour that we got out a couple of jars of last weeks Compost Heap Jelly for a colour comparison ... and yes, they were very, very matchy.
I like that I can sample my wares immediately ... if the urge takes me, but unfortunately we don't get to drink any of the lovely looking wine for at least a couple of months  :-(
Now it's all bubbling away nicely and doing it's thing out in the workshop.
Sue xx


  1. That does look very inviting though. I would definitely find it hard to wait to try. Nearly popped by to say hello a couple of weeks ago as we rented a cottage at Rhyd y Foel. Had a fabulous holiday with our family and pretty good weather too!

  2. Reading your blog heading today, I thought you had taken to wearing matching jumpers or something, like Harold and Hilda from Ever decreasing circles. Ha ha.
    All your produce looks delicious.

  3. Such a beautiful color !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. The wine looks lovely!! I am sure it will taste marvelous.

    God bless.

  5. Wine and jelly look delicious. We made rhubarb wine this year and it was lovely, was wondering about apple wine. Do the apples need to be peeled and cored and what sort of quantities are used? Love reading both your sites each morning.

  6. Fantastic colour, I am curious about it as i have never had anything like it.


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