Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rosehips and Roses

This is a familiar sight at this time of year at the far end of our paddock, the wild rose bush full of rosehips.
What you don't expect to see next to the rosehips .... is dog roses!!

This poor bush is totally confused with the seasons. 
We had roses blooming away at Christmas and back in January of this year that lasted for weeks, then they disappeared.  Then they came back when they should have appeared and now here they are again.  I'm not complaining ... they are absolutely beautiful ...  but it must be hard work for the bush not knowing which season it's supposed to be.

Meanwhile here is Suky pottering under another bush while Mum snaps away at the roses :-)
Sue xx


  1. Beautiful flowers!
    Our seasons seem to be so out of time possibly coz of the fluctuating weather we've had that plants and nature (insects, animals) all seem to be a bit off schedule too. We tend to have a later summer now but I think that seems to be affecting food growers as planting in spring seems to be delayed or things aren't growing the same and things like tomato plants seem to be taking longer to ripen so ripening later etc.

    What do you think Sue?

  2. Do you think it affects humans too ? I know that weeks of going back to school in up to 32° heat has positively demolished me ... It is now a bit cooler and a bit more "normal", thankfully. I suppose that we'll just have to adapt but I agree that it plays havoc with Nature. Looooove your dog, by the way ! xx

  3. Do you make rosehip syrup, Sue? I have memories of rosehip syrup from childhood (it's a really good source of VitC) and we used to have it poured over icecream. I have made it, it's easy but you do have to be a bit careful with the hips - they were also used by naughty small boys to make itching powder!

  4. The poor rose is very confused isn't it. Enjoy the beautiful of the hips though! xx

  5. We seem to have a brief summer spell in May and early June. Then the weather seems to go to pot for July and recovers in August and September. Crazy seasons.

  6. You should make some rosehip jelly it's sooooo good!!!

  7. You should make some rosehip jelly it's sooooo good!!!


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