Saturday 17 September 2016

Holding Hands

It's funny I don't remember ever holding hands with my first husband, sad really as we were together for 26 years!!  I wonder if it's an age thing or just that we were never 'touchy feel-y' people.  Me and Lovely Hubby have always held hands ...when we're walking down the street of course, not when we're mucking out the henhouse or digging the veggie beds ;-)
I think it's lovely when you see very elderly couples walking along together holding hands, and we see it a lot when we're walking the dogs along Llandudno prom in the evenings, romance at the seaside.
 I guess we're well on the way to joining them.
Yep ..... that's me  :-)
Sue xx


  1. We hold hands often though I'm not sure if my hubby is doing it just to keep me from stumbling and falling over. Nice anyway. Does make you feel closer.

  2. We hold hands all the time - mind you, if we didn't I dont think my passage would be very safe - I think he probably does it to stop me from falling.

  3. I always see it walking along the pier at Llandudno as well

  4. We have never held hands even when we were young as OH feels embarrassed to do so. I am much more 'touchy feely' than he is which is why I love walking with my GC so much; they always hold my hands :) On reflection, OH has never been romantic or affectionate in all the 48 years I've known him. Lord knows how we've made it through 45 years of marriage! Holding someone's hand is lovely; it makes me smile to see it :)

  5. Like you Sue, I never held hands much with my first husband and like you we were together a long time (from our mid teens). I met my current husband in my early forties when we were both single and we have been very much a couple from day 1. We hold hands all the time and quite often kiss in public too. We are in our fifties now and whilst we both have our own interests and friends we very much enjoy each others' company and neither of us care who knows how much we love each other. People we know have asked more than once our secret and why we are so happy together. The answer is that we have both had awful experiences in the past and we very much appreciate and treasure what we have together.

  6. Well, you have me husband must be the most affectionate man I've ever known. He always wants to hold hands and frequently gets me in a bear hug to the point of near suffocation. It makes me squirm a bit and yet I think if I ever lost him I would mss these moments the most.


  7. There is a couple that lives in the Seniors apartment up the hill from us that always hold hands when they cross the street. I have always thought how wonderful that is.

    God bless.

  8. I know this doesn't apply to you buuuuuutttt!........Husbands, hold your wife's hand when you're shopping. It looks romantic, AND it stops her from pulling out her credit card to shop! It's lovely to hear of so many couples who readily show their love for each other.


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