Sunday 11 September 2016

Cor What a Whopper

This huge beauty fell out of the tree and just missed me earlier today.  I'll be needing to wear a hard hat to go over to Chicken World at this rate.

I got a 'normal' sized large apple out of the bucket (yes we need to keep them in a bucket ... a fruit bowl is just not big enough) to compare it too, and it's almost twice as heavy.

All our apple trees are doing brilliantly well this year, still absolutely brimming with fruit.  So Lovely Hubby is all set to do another bucket of cider this weekend and I've just finished making a batch of 'Pam the Jams' Compost Heap Jelly to make good use of a big bag of sliced lemons that I found in the depths of the big chest freezer as well as lots of lovely red apples, including my big beauty here ... the kitchen smells gorgeous.

Cor What A Whopper ... as they used to say in the Carry On films ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Our apple trees are doing well too; isn't it pleasing when we get a good year?

  2. Gosh ! And although I hated the Carry on films, that "Cor what a whopper !" made me quite nostalgic for them .. Stay safe ! xx

  3. That is what I call an apple!!! Wow is that ever big.

    God bless.

  4. If you are going to have one, then have a big one!! That's a big one Missus!!! :-)

  5. Lovely to catch up on your blog - that's a whopper indeed, shame there isn't a competition that you could enter it in, it would certainly win!


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