Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sleeping and Peeping

We had a glorious afternoon out on Sunday.  
Yes, I took that picture, it's not bad my little point it and click digital camera is it ... and it's not a 'trick' shot of any kind, the garden does really slope down to the central path like that  :-)

We nipped along the A55 to Anglesey and the lovely Plas Cadnant, as mentioned and linked to on the last post.  The weather was with us and although it was a touch chilly in the cold breeze whenever the sun appeared from behind the clouds it was wonderfully warm.

The gardens were beautiful and the woodland walk down to the River Cadnant, although steep and shingly was just lovely.  We stayed long enough to treat ourselves to lunch and coffee and had a thoroughly relaxing few hours.

And we've decided to start ourselves a little photo challenge ... everywhere we go you will get Lovely Hubby sleeping (he does it so well) .....

... and you will get me peeping.

This has been inspired by previous photos.

Of course it all started with this one ....me and my cabbage.

... and then continued here ....a day out at Bodnant Gardens last year, yes, he really is fast asleep on the lawn in this position.

Then there was some sleeping at Maenan House,

closely followed by peeping at Maenan House

So we have decided that when we remember you will be subjected to more of the same ;-)

Plas Cadnant is also called 'the Hidden Gardens' and while we were there we got a Facebook comment and picture from my son Simon ...

Si Wright Haha I think my house has one of them 'hidden gardens' as I've never found it lol. My yard resembles a building site too at the min as next door are having their house re-dashed. Hope you have a nice weekend.x

Meanwhile back at home the brickies were still laying blocks, they laid them until they were all used up.  13 stacks of blocks and 13 bags of cement.

The number thirteen crops up so many times in everything we do.

Now we are awaiting the arrival of the first load of concrete to infill between the two walls of blocks.  This will cover the heavy duty mesh and the wall ties and closely bond the two walls together, giving it all the immense strength it needs to hold the remaining hillside in place.

Another week of wall building, stone laying and upheaval ahead, but slowly and surely things are taking shape.

Sue xx


  1. I think you needed a day out after all that lot happening back home.

  2. My husband can sleep on a washing line whereas I can't. I'm so jealous of people who can! Apart from holding back the mountainside is there any other reason for clearing that area? Just curious!

    1. It's where the new open fronted garages and workshop are going.

      The planning permission states that we need to have a turning circle for car plus trailer ON our land between the garage and the gates, hence having to dig back into the hillside. And we can't have the gates nearer the road as it also states that the longest car plus trailer needs to be able to pull onto the drive, completely OFF the road while the gates are being opened.

      So instead of being 'between a rock and a hard place' we are between a hillside and an A road!!

    2. I've had my fair share of town planners and borough officers in the past. It's taking shape. Lookin good.

  3. Sue, you are evidently not bothered at all with the number thirteen! I loved your photos of the garden, and your hubby sleeping is so funny. You definitely deserve a day out!

    1. Nope ... thirteen has always been my family's lucky number. I guess it started with Mum being born on the 13th, then my parents being married on the 13th. It has cropped up over and over all through our lives. The first time we went out as a family after my Dad died we realised we were sat on table 13 as we gave in our order. It's a good thing :-)

  4. I have one of those hubbys as well x

    1. I find it does have advantages, I can turn the television over when he falls asleep half way through a naff action movie for instance ;-)

  5. I loved your day out, it must be the day thrifties go out, we had a day out too.

  6. I like your photos. So interesting to see what bloggers look like. I've always enjoyed the shot of you peeking over the giant cabbage. The pic of your hub asleep on the grass is funny, he looks like he fell backwards and just stayed put. x

  7. You have beat us too it...never been to plas cadant
    Looks lovely......i will talk the prof into going

  8. Ha ha! Looking forward to seeing how creative you can get with the sleeping and peeping. Lovely Hubby is amazing....fancy being able to sleep on the grass like that!

  9. My husband fell asleep during an AC/DC concert once! Looks like you had a lovely day out.
    x Susan

  10. You too look like fun people, what with the peeping and the napping. I have long admired that humongous cabbage of yours.

  11. OMG those hubby sleeping shots are so funny! He must be very peaceful company. :)


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