Sunday, 31 May 2015

I Don't Believe in Calories ...

I don't believe in calories .... 

..... a strong statement that no doubt caught a lot of folks attention, but what I am really saying is that I don't watch calories, never have, never will.  I've lost weight on a few diets, sometimes dramatically sometimes slowly and surely ... but I have never counted a calorie in my life.

And I don't ever intend to, although all through June I want to lose a stone in weight, fourteen pounds that I want to see the back of once and for all.

I started slowly losing weight a few weeks ago using the label on this blog of 'Weight-loss Monday' which I intend to pick up the reigns of once more this month.  Monitoring my weight week by week I went down from 13st 2lbs to 12st 10lbs, which was good as a couple of weeks before this official start I was actually 13st 8lbs.  However, I've really taken my eye of the ball this past couple of weeks and Jason really didn't help making this tray of Caramel Shortbread while he was here last week ....and leaving the whole tray behind when he went home to start on his healthy eating and fitness plan.  Talk about sabotage!!

The thing is in my opinion, and what I have really found is that you can eat anything, yes anything if you eat real food and only eat when you are hungry, and it's wise to check that you are actually hungry and not just thirsty, the body can confuse the two so easily.

And when you do eat, remember that your stomach is the size of your fist and only eat that amount of nutrient dense foods.  That much food eaten slowly and purposefully with a drink is as much as you need to fuel your body.

This is exactly what I intend to do for the next four weeks, and what I'm going to do is cut out the sugary foods, so no more caramel shortbread (the chickens have just eaten the last of it for me), I will have no processed foods and eat simply and only when I'm hungry, and lets see what weight I end up at the end of the month by doing just this.  

And as for calories ... nope, I still don't believe in them, counting them that is!!

Sue xx


  1. Sue I couldn't agree more re calorie counting , eating good foods and portion size . Only eating when hungry is a big one too . Good advice .

  2. I don't count calories either, nor do I own a scale. Eat wisely and exercise.

  3. Best of luck and you make a good point about hunger and thirst. It's good you've chickens as allies in this endeavor. I could use a few myself but they're not allowed here.

  4. Good luck Sue. Some sound advice here xo

  5. Good luck! I go through stages of calories counting and diets, but really healthy eating is the only way to achieve a healthy weight. Who wants to calorie count for ever??? Sarah

  6. I haven't weighed myself for about 10 years. If I can fit comfortably into a size 12 that's a good enough guide for me. If I'm getting a bit flabby, I just walk a bit further each day with the dogs and it soon comes off. Millionaire shortbread as we call it here, was my absolute favourite as a child. My aunt used to make it, cut it into portions and freeze it. I would find it too sickly now.

  7. Millionaire shortbread is my favourite and soon to be on the treat menu here. I'm happy with my size 16 but I am going to try to lose a bit because of my knees and back issues. I'm hoping that now I am not office chair bound and working hard to home make that some of it will drop off naturally. But no, no calorie counting here either.

  8. Sounds like a good plan. I often get busy with something then my stomach reminds me it's time to eat. I have never counted calories either.


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