Thursday, 14 May 2015

Collecting Free Food

I seem to be collecting lots of lovely free vegetable seeds at the moment.  This month my newly subscribed to magazine came with more free seeds, £4.53 worth ... 

...and inside there was an offer to get even more, which of course I immediately did.  I am keeping notes of how many freebies I acquire, but I will of course knock off the cost of postage which I had to pay to get my extra free seeds.

I also bought this magazine, which is running a series on polytunnel planting that I'm following and it also just happened to also have free seeds with it .... £11.26 worth    :-)

I'm thinking of all these free seeds as totally free food for next year, when I hope to rise to Lovely Hubby's challenge of us growing and eating all our own fruits and vegetables for as little outlay as possible.

I did actually pay for these seeds which is something I don't seem to be doing very much of at the moment, and I paid full price..... which is even rarer.   I buy most of my seeds for the following years growing at the end of the season, when garden centres sell off their stock for around 50p a packet, but with all my freebies it's starting to look like I won't have many, if any to buy for next year.

In other news .....

The first section of the foundation for the retaining wall was laid yesterday in glorious sunshine, with the concrete being poured through welded cages for extra strength.  Today the guys are working in persistent, miserable drizzle while they hack out more of the stone that is in the way of the next section going down. 

And in other, other news ....

THANK YOU to Sarah (aka Compostwoman) for your donation to my Live Below the Line challenge, which very nicely brings my total up to a very respectable £449.  Thank you so much.

Sue xx


  1. I'm always on the look out for free or reduced seeds. My daughter works for an agricultural company and she sometimes gets seeds so I'm a lucky lady as she passes them straight to me.

  2. Getting free seeds or reduced price seeds has not been on my mind for many years, since I don't garden anymore. So fun to see your excitement at your "finds"!

  3. you said it would be well worth your money getting that magazine subscription and you were right,

  4. this year most of the seeds I have sowed are freebies that I collected last year, the only ones I bought in were parsnip and some heirloom seeds, the garlic chives you have there I sowed the other week and there all coming up, I was reading this morning about making a pesto with garlic chives :-)

  5. If there's a seed swap in your area I can really recommend it, I picked up so many. I'm planning on saving more and buying less although it's not as straight forward as I originally thought. I need to build a little retaining wall but nothing like yours!

  6. I always seem to find that I buy some new seeds and then the month after the exact same seeds are given away with one of the magazines that I buy!


  7. My pleasure Sue :) well done - a worthy cause :)

  8. And I subscribe to the same mag and bought the other one for the same reason :)

  9. Save your own seed from heirloom veg and the food is free forever!

  10. That's great, all those free seeds, and if stored properly they last for years, happy sowing :)

  11. They soon mount up 'free seeds', I know I have a couple of boxes worth x


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