Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Philosophy ..... and Posing Builders

I love this.

 I picked it up off Facebook yesterday, it's just so true ... and it's exactly how I try to live my life.  Living in the present, the now, is the only way to live, in my opinion anyway .... otherwise you are dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.  Concentrate on the here and now and you will get the most you possibly can out of life.  

We only get the one after all .... and as far as I know it's not a dress rehearsal, if it has been I've been wrongly dressed for years ;-)

Anyway back to more in the 'now' things.

This is the state of play first thing this morning.

Thirteen (yes 13 again), more stacks of blocks were delivered at 7.30 this morning, then our trusty duo of of builders arrived to start covering the back of the wall with heavy duty polythene, this will protect it from the damp of the hillside.

Tucked away in the bottom under this layer of gravel is a perforated pipe, you can see it in the first pictre and then see it with some gravel on in this one.  This is to drain any water away that runs off the hillside and take it to the huge soakaway drains that we installed next to the polytunnel.

Rainwater that lands on the garage and workshop roofs will drain into a large water storage tank ready to water the polytunnel crops and the things in the veggie patch when we have a dry spell.

Our happy builders, and yes the dogs LOVE them.  They have only assumed this 'posing' posture the once ......

... but they do this one three times a day ;-)

Ginger spotted me on the hillside taking the photos and squeezed under the fence to join me.  I hadn't even spotted him in the trees.

And remember .....

... because it will you know :-)

Oh and finally,  a shout out for one of my long time Blogging Buddies who has a lovely new blog that I think will interest lots of you.  Sara over at Frugal in Lincolnshire is writing all about family life and lots of the brilliant day to day frugal things that she does with her lovely family.  I love what she did with the Sylvanian houses in her little girls room.  Pop over and pay her a visit and say Sue sent me.

Sue xx


  1. Looks like the retaining wall is progressing nicely. I love your quotes this morning...has my day going!

  2. Our own retaining wall was being built exactly 12 months ago. Compared to yours it is a small lego-build but isn't it fun watching these things go up? :-)

  3. Lots more progress and great quotes, couldn't agree more :)

  4. Wow its going to look good when its done sue..thankfully you haven't got any builders bums lol..
    thank you for plugging my blog..i was so excited when i saw i had some new follwers and poor hubby almost dropped his cup coz i was jumping up and down with excitement..
    I couldn't agree more with the quotes..
    life is for living so do it..

  5. Good bit of building work there! Do the builders know they're famous now?

  6. I try to live my life like that. I recall my ex husband who had made my life a misery for years (for reasons it's not appropriate to go into here) saying how brilliant I had been about money when I finally found the courage and strength to divorce him. Lots of my friends and family also said I gave him far more than he was entitled to of what I had worked very hard for and that I should be more difficult over the settlement. I didn't want to, I wanted to move on and look forward. My view was that he had stolen enough of my life and becoming embroiled and bitter would rob me of yet more. A decade on I am still much much financially poorer but despite saying I was not interested in another relationship I met my current husband a year after my separation and we married at Christmas last year. Had I been looking back instead of looking forward we would never have got together and been as happy as we are!

  7. Wonderful strong wall...only THREE tea breaks ? !

    1. I thought that too Penny! I thought hourly tea breaks were compulsory for builders! :-)

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