Saturday, 2 May 2015

Live Below the Line - Day 5 - Confession Time

Remember the three bags of cooked rice, that I stashed in the freezer at the start of the week, the stodgy, claggy rice ......  I have to confess ... I thawed them out and threw them to the chickens.  The chickens were very grateful and so was I .... I just couldn't face eating that stodge.

I needed something light, something crunchy and fresh for my tea .... so I raided the polytunnel and came up with the start of something wonderful.

I sat and worked out that each one cost me 0.2p, so that means I get five whole radishes, leaves included, for just 1p.  Bliss, something fresh and crunchy, just what I've been missing.

Breakfast yesterday was egg on toast again ... this time it was a normal sized egg, you can just see my small slice of toast peeking out from underneath it. By cooking the egg lightly the yolk is gorgeously runny and I can just about manage without the butter I normally have on my toast.

Lunch was the soup that had been stashed in the freezer along with three slices of toast.  Still very tasty and filling but now getting slightly unsatisfying, but perhaps that's just because I know I can't have anything else.  Choice is a wonderful thing, this week highlights that so well, choice is what is missing for so many people that live 'below the line' permanently through no choice of their own.

We are so lucky.

Once again I have to say BIG THANKS to the lovely folk that have been over to my donations  page HERE and left their donations for this wonderful cause.  This time I would like to thank - Linda Wright, Jas Towers and Juliette Dean ... you are stars, thank you.

Back tomorrow with the photos of my finals day's food, I have just about enough to see me through to the end ... I think!!

Sue xx


  1. Sue, you have been doing a great job with this...not sure I could do it, and I would have thrown out the rice as well. The radish looks so inviting...I remember raiding the garden for them as a kid. One more day to go!

    1. It's been taking all my willpower not to pick and eat them while I'm out working in the polytunnel, oh well just the rest of today to go and then I can pick to my hearts content.

  2. Yuck ....that's my pet hate cheap rice, it doesn't bother the rest of the tribe , but for me it's a form of poverty torture that I wish we could avoid

  3. You should have added some of the rice to the soup


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